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Post news RSS The Void is coming this September 25th

That's right! Nihilumbra is finally being released for Windows, Mac and Linux. The chosen day is this September 25th.

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Nihilumbra is a 2D puzzle platformer inspired by the retro roots of gaming. You play as the main character, Born, created from a type of anti-matter known as The Void, a dark mass of nothingness. The Void turns out to be the main antagonist throughout the game; it abhors the very existence of Born and will relentlessly pursue him, destroying all in it's path and sending out shadowy minions to reabsorb him.

Besides; Nihilumbra's main feature is the ability to modify the environment through the use of color. There are five colors to find, which grant you various abilites to change the physics of the world. Different colors may solve puzzles or dispatch enemies depending on how you apply them. There is often more than one way of solving each puzzle, and the ability to paint wherever you please and experiment really adds a unique creative element to the game.

Nihilumbra was conceived as a game for iOS, however, it's really different from what you usually find in the store. It has been one of Apple's best games of 2012 in the hidden gems category and we've received lots of great reviews around the globe, including an 86 in metacritic (we didn't even expected to habe metascore!).We've been doing lots of changes and additions and, right now, the PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) version is what it would have been if it were conceived for that platform. Because we love this platform. We have even made a video to show them!

We will follow up with more updates revealing more details about the launch!

You can already pre-order Nihilumbra at Gamer's Gate. It will also be available at Desura and other platforms we will announce as soon as we get the confirmation ...And of course Steam when we get the Greenlit!

Help us to get Nihilumbra on Steam, vote us on Steam Greenlight !!! Thanks, you are awesome!

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