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A timelapse of the shield, some images highlighting the details of it and a little information about how to craft and what comes in the following information about the shields.

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Hello Raiders!

Here I show you the first part of the shield modeling. I have omitted a small part, the main one, the traditional modeling of a very basic shield and without details in an open source software called Wings3D and which I recommend everyone to use. It is not very complete comparing it with others of payment or comparing it directly to Blender, but it is a good alternative to start and has a very simple interface, so you do not get lost.

I'm not going to talk about my workflow. I'll briefly explain the workflow in game to craft the shield.

The shield can be made by both a blacksmith and a carpenter, that is, both are needed to be able to do it. If you are a carpenter you will have to get the metal parts of the blacksmith, providing your the wood pieces and contacting a furrier to get the leather.

Making a shield does not require much time, not much if you have all the necessary materials.

Shield front

Shield back

It remains pending to show you the final result, both the game model and the textures.

The Shield Editor

In the game there will be a shield editor. Players can modify the textures of wood, metal and leather, so you can apply patterns and paint as you wish.

It will also create a code automatically linked to the final design of the painting that you can share with other players. This code will not affect the shield's textures.

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Nice work on the shield.

Since your theme seems to be combat with Axe and Shield, Roland Warzecha's Youtube channel poped into my mind. Do you know him? He might inspire you for your combat implementation.

Here is a 20 min. video of him talking about axe combat and showing how he thinks the axe and the shield was used: Youtube.com (combat just the last couple of mins.) He really reset my shield combat perception.

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Belda Author

I have been viewing several videos but I came to the conclusion that it would be very complicated to implement the method of use as described.

Here as much I can add the shield push, the shield hit and the relative to the formations, positioning the shield at different heights to create the shieldwall or something similar to the turtle formation known as fylking.

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