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The version is now out for alpha testeur!

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You can download the Closed Alpha on our web site : Osig-studio.com

Version :

Features :
- UI Toggle binding (F2 by Default)
- Settings Toggle binding (Escape by Default)
- Storages are now in Furnitures
- New Furnitures :
* Storage Pallet
* Barrel
* Trunk
* Chest
* Crate
* Ceil Lantern
- Dwarf Trigger render on placement
- Torches can now attached to Blocks and exterior walls
- Dwarves now have bags showing when they carry something

Improvements :
- Dwarves targets destination accuracy improved
- Removed Storage Yard
- Infobox moved to the mouse’s bottom right #JuDox
- Fps is now locked at 60 maximum #Feurk
- Performances Improvements
- Graphics Enhancement
- Mining area is now blue
- Changed Furnitures type icons and increased their size
- Default binding for Cancel Placement is now Tab and Right Click

Bugfixes :
- Fixed Fr misspellings #JuDox
- Fixed Placement getting stuck as unplaceable sometime #Firtoff
- Fixed Attached Placement on unfinished buildings #Magnan
- Fixed Stone Containers asking for Wood #Firtoff
- Fixed Toggle UI made text typing stucked #Magnan
- Fixed Block Borders getting destroyed randomly
- Fixed Cursor going out of screen on Exclusive Fullscreen #Kayz0r
- Fixed Attachment Placement on floor #Firtoff
- Fixed Dwarf getting stuck after being unassigned while resting
- Fixed Storage sometime not getting used after Placement

Known bugs :
- AI sometime getting stucks (Scope : 0.2)
- Placement is a bit too permissive with building walls (Scope : 0.2)
- You can construct building over furnitures (Scope : 0.2)
- Camera getting sometime locked on border (Scope 0.2)
- Dwarves Panel doesn’t update well Unassigned Dwarves on certain cases (Scope 0.2)

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