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This is our first patch, and we’ve been rather busy fixing all manner of game-breaking bugs and introducing a few new features to the game. Keep in mind, though, that we will still have a number of bugs in the game that will take some more time to fix. From now on, our plan is to release patches at least once a month. This way, we have enough time to fix bugs, get proper feedback from all of you, and implement new features.

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Hello Ladies and Gentlenuggets!

This is our first patch, and we’ve been rather busy fixing all manner of game-breaking bugs and introducing a few new features to the game. Keep in mind, though, that we will still have a number of bugs in the game that will take some more time to fix. From now on, our plan is to release patches at least once a month. This way, we have enough time to fix bugs, get proper feedback from all of you, and implement new features.

Here are the full patch notes for your convenience:


  • Camera wet screen effects will no longer trigger when the research screen is open.

  • Fixed an issue with the research progress indicator.

  • Fixed an issue with research items getting stuck in the researching status.

  • Fixed an inconsistency between the time shown in the game menu and the research screen.

  • Fixed an issue with Stone Huts being constructed on top of other buildings.

  • Removed the Cemetery Key building from the buildings menu.

  • Objects will now properly attach themselves to the planet's surface.

  • Fixed an issue where the Year would not be displayed in the main UI.

  • Esc button will now work properly on Mac.

  • Fixed an issue with Nuggets getting interrupted during mating.

  • Fixed time of day calculation when the Research Screen is open.

  • Fixed an issue with UI panels snapping when players right click.

  • Fixed floating huts.

  • Fixed floating trees.

  • Fixed research completion delay.

  • Fixed Culling distance on rabbits.

  • Fixed Pivot locations on various game objects.


  • Fixed an issue with Nuggets trying to reach the trees and stones close to the mountains.

  • Fixed an issue with Nuggets getting stuck while trying to return resources to the Epicenter.

  • Fixed an issue with dead Nuggets being able to 'think' and produce bubbles.

  • Fixed an issue with Nuggets trying to cut trees down on the other side of the planet.


  • New key building model

  • New Panel (pending explanation)


  • Confirmation of crop planting message.

Now Crops have 5 states as follows:

    • Planting: showing countdown, when the timer hits 0, the plant will start growing.
    • Growing: showing countdown, when the timer hits 0, the withering countdown will start.
    • Withering: when the withering countdown reaches 0, the plant dies. Withering occurs when there are not enough nuggets assigned to the farm and the Nuggets can’t keep up with the tasks.
    • Gathering: the countdown timer shows when Nuggets will actually harvest the crop and deliver the food to the warehouse.
    • No Workers: timer stays at zero. This status appears when players select a crop to plant on an available plot, but there are no available nuggets to Plant this crop.

Food Yield: shows players how much food Nuggets will be able to collect from this plot once the crop has grown successfully.

Crop Name: displays the name of the crop growing on this plot.

Queue: Players can place crops in a queue on an existing plot by clicking on available crops on the right side of the panel, as long as one crop is already active onthis plot.

On the left side of the crop panel, you can see the Crop Icon.
Below the icon, we have Crop Yield Information (the amount of food this crop will yield if planted and gathered successfully)

  • Crop Name and a short description for the crop.

  • Time to Grow: shows players how long this plant will take to grow after planting.

  • Min/Max Temperatures for the plant. If the temperature rises or drops below Min/Max temperatures, the crop will die.

  • Current Farm Temperature shows the current local temperature that can affect plots if raised or dropped dramatically.

  • Nugget assignment window. Displays how many Nuggets are assigned to the farm. By clicking on the black Nugget icon, the Nugget List should be loaded (Work in progress)

  • Farm can hold some of the collected food if all warehouses are filled. The Capacity displays the total amount of food that can be stored at the current farm (Upgradable through farm upgrade panel, still in production)
  • Additional News triggers


  • Now all Nuggets on the planet can be found and properly sorted in the New Nugget Log Panel. It allows you to sort Nuggets by following:
  • Name of the Nugget
  • Nugget's Occupation
  • Nugget's Status
  • Nugget's Age
  • Nugget's Hunger
  • Nugget's Health
  • Nugget's Stamina
  • Nugget's Might (Work in Progress)
  • Nugget's Intelect (Work in Progress)
  • Nugget's Happiness (Work in Progress)
  • Custom Tags for Nuggets. Now you can assign Tag to Your favorite Nugets with custom tags, you can sort the Nuggets list by tags as well. Custom Tags will be shown on Nugget ID cards as well.


  • Performance is greatly improved while placing the Epicenter or a Key Building.

  • Improved overall performance by enhancing the in-game object pool mechanics.

  • Merged, atlases, and recalled various textures and materials.


  • All music tracks were rebalanced, to avoid loud spikes.

  • Tweaked overall audio balance in the game. Now Nuggets talk and footsteps are easier to hear.


  • Priorities window fixed. Production descriptions added.

  • UI atlas optimization.

  • New farm panel UI.

  • Tooltips added to Main UI.

  • Nugget list panel implemented.

  • Nugget list trigger button added to main UI.

  • Nugget tag menu added to Nugget ID card.

  • Main UI will notify the player when: A Nugget is Idling, there are no research tasks running, or a new Key Building is available for construction.

  • Fixed repetition of icons in the research panel: storage and stockpiling.


  • Improved shadow quality.

  • Tweaked Lighting Parameters during the day.

  • Decreased shadow intensity during the day.

  • Increased texture quality on planet.

  • Added furns to the planet.

  • Replaced the Epicenter monument with an enterable hut model.

(Notes from the art team)

  • In project build, but not implemented yet.:
  • Resource deposits: Oil, Metal, gas vents.
  • Update to planet shader to improve performance and implement new aesthetics.
  • Building construction and destruction effects.


  • Added support for Mac/Linux platforms

  • Created native MAC OS X patcher version, Linux version will still be distributed as Mono Bundle. (Available in Your Dashboard)

  • Added additional connection parameters for the updater. It should reduce connection problems.

  • Updater and game executable are now signed. This means no more annoying antivirus warnings.

  • Added some additional entertaining messages.


  • Fixed typo in the patcher text.

  • Fixed the Facebook link in the patcher.


Overall, we’re going for more natural feel. We are lowering the speed of the game to achieve this. The first build was optimized for a quick 10-15 minutes of gameplay.

  • Hunger Bar decrease tick interval lowered from 10 to 6

  • Hunger reduction per tick lowered from 0.08 to 0.01 (A Nugget’s Hunger Bar will decrease slower than before)

  • Nugget Movement Speed decreased from 1 to 0.5 (Nuggetsmove slower now, ensuring a more natural walk speed)

  • Minimum Teen Growth Duration increased from 45 to 125 (Child Nuggets grow slower)

  • Max Teen Growth Duration increased from 70 to 150 (Going for a more balanced spawning rate to avoid Nuggets spreading like wildfire in the first 20-30 minutes of game)

  • Nuggets Pre-Mating Conversation time increased from 0.5 to 12

  • Nugget Min Fertility Timer increased from 80 to 99 (It takes longer for a female Nugget to build fertility)

  • Nugget Max Fertility Timer increased from 160 to 180 (It takes longer for a female Nugget to build fertility)

  • Nugget max carrycapacity decreased from 5 to 3 (Nuggets can carry less resources at a time)

  • Nugget Stamina Resting Recovery Speed decreased from 10 to 3 (Nuggets take longer to rest and restore stamina)

  • Default Task Stamina Decrease Speed increased from -0.25 to -0.5 (Nuggets get tired faster)

  • Twins Possibility decreased from 0.25 to 0.2

  • Removed natural resource requirements from certain research items.

  • Stone Age Research Tree visible from the beginning of the game in its entirety.

  • Year Duration Speed increased from 700 to 200 (Temporary solution to match natural feel in Nugget years)

  • Epicenter Population Growth Priority raised from 0.5 to 2 (Needs explanation here)

  • Epicenter Population Food Consumption lowered from 5 to 0.01 per population point (The Epicenter population consumes less food per tick)

  • Introducing female Nugget fertility limitations. There will be a limited number of females that can have the fertility timer running at the same time. (This will help avoid geometrical progression in a Nugget Spawning)

  • Introducing a maximum number of offspring per female Nugget limitation (Players will be able to increase this with Creator Powers)

  • Introducing Gatherer Limitations per resource. Now only one Nugget will gather a specific resource (Everyone has to chop down their own trees).

  • Implemented the “Research Completed” news message.

Increased the amount of resource points stored in certain resources:

  • Stone now holds 6 points
  • Broadleaf holds 6 wood
  • Fruit Broadleaf holds 6 wood and 20 food points
  • Gray Rock Small holds 8 points
  • Gray Rock Medium holds 9 points
  • Gray Rock Big holds 9 points
  • Palm trees holds 6 wood and 20 food

NOTE: Please note that these are not the final numbers. Game Balancing is a work in progress. During the development process, we will try many different values, and we will need your feedback on each change!


  • Implemented analytics tools. This will help us collect information from game crashes and bugs.

  • Implemented planet's gravity. No tools have been implemented yet to play around with it.


We just reached 15,000 backers! As a special thank you gift, we will be adding new buildings to the game.


You think your Nuggets are in danger? Build Vaults in the mountains, pack them with food and water, and assign your beloved workers there. Do you fear the nuclear apocalypse? Want to avoid the deadly nuclear winter that follows? Not a problem! Send your Nuggets to the nearest Vault, set the waiting timer, and meet them in the future when things settle down. Crytivo Vaults are cheap and reliable solutions for your beloved Nugs. Vaults will be available in the Modern Age and beyond.

Inspired by Fallout 4 Game

*Crytivo Industries does not take any responsibility for Cryofrozen Nuggets that, well, remain frozen, never wake up, or come out of their frozen slumber with lowered stats. Use Vaults at your own risk! Or, rather, the risk of your beloved workers.

We would like to extend a huge Thank You to everyone who is making The Universim a better game. With your help, we’re making The Universim a groundbreakingexperience that will deliver the quality and innovation you expect. We’re happy to have you on board this early in development, and eagerly anticipate all of the help you will offer as you discuss new builds with our team.

All the best,
The Crytivo Crew

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