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Civilization is booming, towns and forges have been built, horses are being reared and theres enough bread for everyone.

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The Universal is currently being re-developed via the process of a historical journey through the ages, from the dawn of time back through the space race and eventually back into the galaxy where it belongs :].

The current chapter (vaguely medieval themed) offers a fully-fledged genuinely social economy game, where you can make a killing in the market for bread, corner the trade for gold or get ripped off by a dodgy guy with a knackered old mill. Its a peaceful, sedate world at the moment, but when a few people start to realise the potential of swords, and towns declare war, things may begin to change.

Coming up this year : The Industrial Revolution, Tractors, World War II, Monkeys in space and loads more stuff on a similar theme.

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