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I'm glad to finally announce my new game "The Turf". A fresh RTS game about controlling the landscape by using your gang. Checkout the post to learn more about this new game!

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The Turf is a new game i am working full-time on. I have spent the past 3 months working on the pre-alpha version of the game. The game is currently at a stage were it is fully playable. It will change significantly but it's nice to have a version early in the development cycle, to see how the game plays and feels.


The game is all about controlling turf by capturing and defending locations on the map. This can include gun shops, hospitals, police stations, car dealers, shops etc. To capture the turf you simple take out all the enemies in that location and then the building will change to your team. Once you have the building you can then equip units with guns, health packs etc. This adds quiet a new approach to RTS and it's interesting to have the exterior and interior fighting at all once in one level.

Next month will be looking at different funding options aswell as setting up greenlight. So stay tuned on the page for more details about the game! Gameplay video will be in-coming next week aswell.

Thanks for Checking Out Game, Hope you Enjoy.


Don't you think your announcement trailer music a little bit too somber and serious for the game's visual style? I mean it looks pretty nice apart from units looking a little bit too barebones and lacking death visuals (be it proper ragdolls or confetti, I don't care, but something needs to happen, right?), but you might want to stick with the more cheerful or unserious tone if you're going with those simple shapes and vivid colours.

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Kamikazi[Uk] Author

The game is still pre-alpha so almost all the visuals will change. Characters need better models and more animations still. Yes I understand where your coming from music wise. I just fancied a cinematic for trailer. Gameplay video will be better when it shows more footage etc. Thanks for feedback so far though.

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