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Post news RSS The Tribesmen Part 3 | Stone Age Warriors #6

The upcoming game "Stone Age Warriors" is a multiplayer fighting game that features a tournament in which tribe members compete to the death inside an arena to determine which tribe is the strongest.

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Hi, IndieDB community we are RockSlide.

Welcome to our third article about Stone Age Warriors, our new game.

Today, we are bringing you the third and final part of our concept art for tribesmen.

11  Final Designs

Image 1: Final designs

We eventually reached a decisive point where we had settled on the final version of our tribesmen after an iterative process of exploring different sketches and design concepts. This version is the culmination of our artistic vision, as well as the embodiment of the game's distinct characteristics and aesthetics. We refined the visuals with meticulous attention to detail and careful consideration of feedback to capture the essence of the tribesmen in a way that aligns with our creative vision and resonates with players.

12  Model Sheets cave

Image 2: Cave tribe model sheet

After preparing our model sheets and ensuring every detail was accurately captured and defined, we eagerly transitioned to the next phase of our development journey: the 3D modeling process. With a clear visual reference and a comprehensive understanding of the desired aesthetics, our team embarked on bringing our creations to life in 3D space. The transition from 2D concept art to 3D models allowed us to explore new possibilities, refine the finer intricacies of our designs, and ensure that every element seamlessly fit into the immersive world we were crafting.

13  Model Sheets riv

Image 3: River tribe model sheet

Here are some initial blockouts, allowing us to see our tribesmen in their early stages of development. These preliminary representations, with a focus on overall shape, proportion, and silhouette, give us a sense of the character's presence within the game world. These initial low-poly blockouts form the foundation of our character design process, allowing us to refine and evolve our concepts into the dynamic and captivating individuals that players will eventually encounter and engage with during arena brawls.

15  Characters Blockout front viImage 4: Front view Blockout

16  Characters blockout back vieImage 5: Back view Blockout

Our journey through the creation of concept art for our tribesmen has come to a close. We appreciate your support and hope you've enjoyed our progress. Our concept art captures not only their physical attributes but also their rich histories and unique personalities. We're excited to bring these characters to life in our game. Thank you for joining us on this adventure, and stay tuned for more updates.

14  Characters Illustration

Image 6: Tribesmen illustration

That is all I have for you guys today.

Have a nice week!

RockSlide Studios

See you in the next post

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