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A quick dump of what's left in my project plan for Return to Tolagal

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The game is around 70% complete at the moment, I'm just at that annoying last 30%. Polishing, balancing, fixing performance problems and starting to decide how I'm gonna' distribute this figging game! Here is what's left in my current project plan:

  1. Finish off Look / Inspect mode. There should be a button that the player can tap to go in to look mode. Item / Monster descriptions should be shown to the player if they tap on something while in look mode.
  2. Random item generation. Rather than have a load of "hard coded" items, the game should randomly generate items using a list of magical properties, base item types and the current level of the dungeon.
  3. More enemies and floors. I have art for lots more floors and monsters. This task is not really useful in my project plan as I cant really put a time estimate on it... I don't even know how many floors should be in the game! That said, its really easy to add new content now that the core game mechanics are all done.
  4. Story, intro screen, outro screen.
  5. Local & web based high scores. I'll probably use scoreoid for this.
  6. Source sound effects and add them to the game
  7. Package the game for Andoird & iOS. This will be followed by lots and lots of testing!
  8. ???
  9. Profit

Thats it!

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