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Details about v2.6 and an update from the developer.

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Hi all, it’s been just over 2 years since I last posted an update on here and I have a bunch of news to share today and some info on where you can find me these days.

From 2017 to Now

So, the last update (v2.5.3) which came out around May 2017 was intended to be the last update for the game as I wanted to move on to something else. I have worked on other stuff over the last few years but due to financial and general life constraints I’ve had to abandon stuff for the time being.

Sometime in late 2017 while working on other stuff we kept coming up with ways to expand upon and improve the thing RPG based on what we had learned working with RPG Maker MV. In 2018 we began preparing the v2.5.4 update for it and due to its size, it became the v2.6 update. This update was intended to release in 2018 but due to the amount of content and how busy we all were it still hasn’t released yet.

The game has received new content, several mechanical improvements, a lot of balance changes/bugfixes and a large graphical overhaul over the last few years and the v2.6 update is still currently in development. It is intended to be the final update for the game.

Where to Find Me

I’ve been making monthly posts on my website with updates about the game and little tidbits about my life for the past year or so and I’ve also been maintaining a discord server for the website with a section dedicated to the Thing 2 RPG. So, if you are still interested in the game you can check out my website for what’s new and members of my discord server can even access a private test build of the game to play (see details on my site).

I don’t really visit this ModDB page anymore but I will leave it up for historical purposes and I will leave the old v2.5 builds of the game here for download.

Thanks for reading.




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