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Vote now to help The Thanatos Disorder get onto Steam!

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Vote now to get The Thanatos Disorder onto Steam! Development-wise the game was actually not announced until it was nearly completed. It will be released right away after passing. For those who are seeing The Thanatos Disorder for the first time here is a quick run down:

The Thanatos Disorder is a very heavy story driven, 2D puzzle platformer, sprinkled with horror elements. The game follows our protagonist through the metaphorical and literal mazes of his mind. Take the harrowing journey of over 100 levels through his downfall, fighting his personal demons. Along the way, solve puzzles, upgrade stats and collect memory orbs and photos that tell a different story in this fully voiced narrative. Every maze of the game is procedurally generated, giving the player a fresh experience every play through.

Image 7Image 6

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Every Level Procedurally Generated - Every maze in The Thanatos Disorder is procedurally generated at the time you enter the maze. Every playthrough is completely different.

Unique Puzzles - Between chapters, The Thanatos Disorder gives you unique puzzles to keep you on your toes.

Fully Voiced Story - The Thanatos Disorder's story is fully voiced to immerse you further into the dialog.

Upgrade Stats - Collecting blue memory pieces throughout levels allow you to upgrade your stats and give you a fighting chance!

And below is a closer look at the stats/perks upgrade menu:


From left to right:

Health - Addition health points to help you get through each level.

Map - Increase the amount of time you can view the map in each level.

Jetpack - Increase the amount of fuel your jetpack has.

Torch - Increase the length of time your torch lasts.

You - Show your position in real time on the map.

Orb - Show the position of the memory orbs on the map.

Pickups - Show the position of all the pickups in each level on the map.

Thank you all for your support! Let's get this game released!

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