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The Tank Game Patch 0.9.4 released : Replays and Tank damage

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New patch! The main addition this time around is game replays. Replays of your best results on single player and co-op stages are automatically recorded and saved. These can be accessed from the stage select screens. A replay of your last played multiplayer game is also always available. While watching a replay the camera is unlocked letting you pan and zoom in on the action. The game speed can also be slowed or the game paused entirely.

Full 0.9.4 changes list

  • Added tanks now show some visual signs of damage
  • Added you can now view the replay of your last game
  • Added replays for your best times in singleplayer stages are automatically saved and can be viewed from the level select menus
  • Added unlocked camera during replays
  • Added you can toggle UI and HUD elements off and slow game speed while viewing replays
  • Added you can highlight a specific item type on the post game graph
  • Added you can now view post game graphs in all modes
  • Added control hints from picking up an item now include the item name
  • Added damage taken graphs
  • Changed ramming tank collision radius is slightly larger
  • Changed main gun hit visual
  • Changed slightly the appearance of tanks and environment art
  • Fixed mine flashing animation now shakes with rest of screen from effects
  • Removed shots fired graphs

watching a replay


Reminded me RecWar.

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