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Version 2.1 News, content updates and bug fixes. We're moving ahead with more PC and PS3 content whilst wrestling with the daily tech challenges the PS3 presents.

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Hey all, here's a brief update on our development. On the PC side we're releasing our updated PC build, V2.1. We’ve taken on board lots of feedback from you as we aim to get together a really tight codebase. So give it a bash and tell us what you think. The PS3 content is in progress and it’s running on the PS3 debug/TV reasonably well right now. We’ve got a bit of work ahead on streaming textures next for our memory management, and we’re starting on code for the menu expansion so that we can add more characters, custom boards and wetsuits.

Here’s what to expect in PC V2.1:


  • Added water splash to the camera lens
  • Backside pivot slide animation
  • Front-side lip slide move animation
  • Backside re-entry lip slide animation
  • Front-side re-entry lip slide animation
  • New Sean animation set
  • New Olivia animation set
  • New UI art
  • New screen(s) artwork – improved screens
  • Updated Sean and Shane’s sufboard textures


  • Camera position for duck-dive state
  • Top of the wave slide camera positioning
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