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Post news RSS The Sun Goes Up and Down [1st In-Game Footage] Day/Night Cycle in Planet Nomads

First game engine video from our upcoming survival sandbox game. While still WIP, we feel the footage is fit to represent. Also a huge environment update for the Editor building demo of the game.

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Demonstrating the Day/Night Cycle

No good survival sandbox game can work without the changing of day and night. When the darkness covers the land and predators start creeping out, that's where the fun begins. Fear-infused fun that is.

We've finished an early night/cycle system with all kinds of settings like the color and number of suns, their trajectories, atmospheric density and color spectrum. All to make sure that each planet in Planet Nomads has its own unique atmosphere... so to speak.

We've spent a couple of hours setting all the variables for Earth-like sun rise and sun set. You can check the results below. Please note this is a very early development stage. Still, we got mesmerized enough by the visuals to share it with you with hopes you'll enjoy them too.

Big Environment Change to the Editor

We got a little tired with the one-colored background of the editor. The sometimes mad and often beatiful inventions created by the Nomadic community felt like they deserved a better setting to truly shine. So we took the 1.0.3 version of the Editor outside into sandy plains with rocks and clear blue skies.

You cand download the Editor as well, it's available for WIN and MAC and it's free for now.

With a bit of practice and patience, you too could be creating tanks like this one from Vašek.

Planet Nomads - Tank on the Beach

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