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The Waste Land's plot: let's get deeper into a complex and mysterious world.

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The Waste Land's story is complex and integral part of the overall experience. It all started from this, actually. I had read the T.S. Eliot's poem from 1922 that bears the very same name ("The Waste Land") and it was so allusive, dense, full of meanings that appear at the second or third reading.. i had to do something with it.T.S. Eliot's work is divided in chapters, with different settings, styles, and its poetry style is both modern and ancient. He actually plays with different registers and characters, casting a classic shade over contemporary happenings and feelings. Well, at the core the concept can be simplified this way: ancient british myths see the king and his land bound by some kind of marriage. Seasons pass by, and winter is seen as death coming by. But every spring the earth is born again, and the king's marriage blooms again. But what if this bond is broken? The land becomes a waste one, arid, people crawling over it have a material and moral decadance, and only some kind of ritual can restore peace and prosperity. In Eliot's work this is the unsung premise: contemporary times see humanity in this status of madness, suffering, intimate decadance. The poem introduces some scenes, some characters that implicitly suggest this, and among them there's the Tiresias we also find in the game.

Getting to the game, i've taken this somehow philosophical premise and translated into something very explicit: the player is the king, one that spends his time in pleasures and not caring all that much what's going on in his lands. Something happens at the beginning of the game, and the fragile bond is broken. Nature will uprise against humans, and he'll have to find a way to restore peace and order.
Tiresias, the old sage that can see past and future but cannot focus on present time will somehow help him, and during the long adventure he'll meet lots of characters. Fear, uncertainity, sufference: these are the feelings across all the 7 lands. Our King will have to grow to overcome evil and his own limits..
Talk to all the people in villages and towns, hear what they can say, listen to their fears, build a puzzle of what's going on. I wanted to create an unstructured narration, it's up to you to freely move
around, interact with people, become a citizen of The Waste Land.

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