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Nobody likes you and you are trapped in a tomb with only a flashlight and a bountiful supply of candy to preserve your sanity and your life. Welcome to the Story of Your Life, the pet prototype of Dejobaan intern Tam.

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A criticism often leveled at video games is the absence of realistic protagonists. I guess for those few ashamed individuals who aren’t six feet tall and full of muscle, able to wield an assault rifle and attached chainsaw with ease, this might seem to be the case. However, there are some brave developers out there reppin’ for the man on the couch. I caught up with Dejobaan developer Tam AKA Nebin, who shared some details about the prototype “Story of My Life.”

You are trapped in a tomb. Why are you here? What have you done to deserve this?

You are lame and nobody likes you.

After accepting this sad truth, it’s time to grip that flashlight tight and escape this unfair confinement. Surely upon regaining freedom you will earn respect! Don’t let the dark and dripping distract you; there are worse things in this distinctly un-restful place.

In order to escape the player needs to travel through the maze, solving puzzles while avoiding pits of spikes, ravenous walls, vats of bubbling goo, and all the ghouls of the underworld who are determined to scare away the fragile tatters of your sanity. In order to defeat these dark denizens you must blast them with your shining torch of justice (flashlight) or hit them over the head, caveman style. To maintain sanity you need to eat candy. Lots and lots of mind-saving, delicious, and totally healthy candy.

Good luck intrepid explorer! Important safety tip: if you get tired don’t lean against the walls…they tend to get hungry.

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