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Apologies for the long message but we just wanted to keep our followers up to date on the progress of the game thus far

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Hello gamers,
So sorry for not keeping you up to date with the development of The Story of a Ball, named Ball but throughout the announcement of the trailer to now we have gone through three Unity engine updates, many rewrites to the story and loads of coding changes, also with the summer holidays in full swing the game has been on a sort of hiatus and now with the summer holidays coming to an end, development can slowly progress through

We can say that coding for the player (the ball), main menu, credits menu, controls menu, opening and closing of the game (opening and end credits) and other minor tweaks have been 100% completed

With that, the level development is the thing that is holding us back. With developing the levels, then testing them, then redoing any mistakes, then testing again, then moving on takes time. Please note that the game is being developed by one person with help from tutorials on how to use the engine

Therefore, out of our 10 full levels we want to make only four are complete and now issues are starting to pop up when it comes to adding the additional features

The Story of a Ball, named Ball still doesn't have a release date and probably won't have a release date for quite some time. We are aiming for releasing the game for PC, Mac and Linux at the beginning of October, if not, the game may have to be pushed back to December

We do not want to push this game even further back into 2017 as the game has already been in development for ages and we want to move onto newer projects and at the same time we do not wish to cancel this game we have worked so much on and put so much effort into it

This game has had already had the opportunity to be cancelled twice and we do not wish for it to be almost cancelled a third time

The Story of a Ball, named Ball is a project CityMayor Games has always wanted to but with the inexperience of the Unity engine, this takes time...

We wanted to keep our followers up to date to not give up hope and to show that the game is still being worked on

And finally, if there are any people who know how to use the Unity engine properly and want to help in the development of the game and possibly move the development faster, please contact CityMayor games by private message or send us an e-mail: citymayorgames@hotmail.com

Thanks and take care,

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