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Article to announce the start of this mod, as well as some tidbits about the history.

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Well, I've made a mod. Don't really know what to do, so I'll just write some words about the timeline of events.

- Random Irishman defeats the British and frees Ireland, inspiring lots of other people to do the same.

- A stream of revolutions occur, that probably aren't realistic. Venice gets in on the action, as well as Spain and Portugal, though the latter two rulers' heads were separated from their bodies, and didn't join voluntarily.

- Ottomans collapse, because of incompetence + coup + recruiting far too many people.

- Venice-Greece! Yay...? Oh, and Venice pisses off Austria, quite a lot.

- Famine starts because of it, as well as pirates raiding the Nile and burning shit, lots of recruitment being done amongst the serfs, etc etc. 17 million people starve to death over the next 4 years, being 20% of Europe's population at the time.

- Venice pissing off Austria, as well as French claims to the Spanish throne (Spanish War of Succession as well as the Great Northern War went *very* differently), causes the two coalitions to fight each other. Venice loses, obviously, considering Austria now controls Venice.

- Japan attempts to invade China, *commits genocide while doing so* and ends up failing the invasion so horribly that they are puppetted by China. Joseon joins in too, only to be stomped by China as well. Tough luck, Japan.

- Not much changes outside of Europe territory-wise, as everyone in Europe was too busy having a stroke - being either incompetent or at war for two decades.

Divergence Point: 1700, January 2nd

Current Date: 1736, January 1st

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