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All the info about The Space Garden (TSG) in one post!

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About This Game

In "The Space Garden" you can build your own garden across the Universe!
Discover, acquire and grow your plants with love as you watch them evolve.

Collect fruits by yourself or request help from your "helpers", a race of mini friends who come from nature.

Discover new options and get more experience to unlock new in-game features.

But take care! The space is a huge and dangerous thing. Your garden might need
protection from aliens and other hazards which will steal/destroy your fruits.

Unlock items, increase your experience as a farmer and enjoy special
events across the game all the time!

Make it grow, give it love and expand the garden to the infinite!!!!!!!!!!!!!


* Added 15 wonderfull achievements to enjoy the game!

Some achievements


  • Enjoy the new special events added to the game (it’s a surprise)

  • When the game is minimized, the Unity icon is visible. Changed for TSG official icon.
  • Some fruits grown over others, also some fruits doesn’t drop from trees. Fixed.
  • Problems with zoom in/ zoom out on planets near to the edge. Fixed
  • Info panel on the buy button shows an image of another element (for example in the Helpers).Fixed
  • The game doesn’t shows any saving advice when you go to the main title screen.Fixed
  • Pause the game when you unlocks game stuff. Fixed
  • Music stops in strange circunstans. Fixed
  • Aliens turns crazy. Fixed
  • General indicators doesn’t update when you restart the game. Fixed.

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  • Added a force save button.
  • Added a pause button.
  • When you click a fruit that was grown to the maximun size on a tree, the fruit drops :D (no more waiting time)
  • A button to see the game controls info in a popup.
  • Cancel the buy process using right click.
  • Changed the cancel buy icon (the new one is a red cross)
  • Cancel the shovel action with right click.
  • Add visual indications on interactive elements.
  • Change the logic of the scrolling panel in the “Helpers/Minions” tab.
  • Added a new icon to the extra stuff tab in the buy items console (in game).
  • Helpers collect more fruits.
  • Background with more life than the previous version.
  • Fast leave game popup with Esc key (in game).
  • Sound calibration.



How long is the game?
The game is around 15-20+ hours depending of your level as player.

Is this a finished game?
Yes! but i'm updating all the time to add extra stuff for the players that loves the game ^_^

Do the game have any replay value?
Yes! if you start the game again the universe and events will change!

How many people are on your team?
I'm the only one working on this and the others games related to Max Indie Games.
I also enjoy to talk with players and change my games around the community so
don't be afraid to make a suggestion or to say Hi ;)

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