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The Skies is a unique combination of post-apocalyptic MMORPG and FPS with a non-linear storyline, in which you follow your own path or join other players to conquer the wasteland.

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The Skies, a unique combination of post-apocalyptic MMORPG and FPS with a non-linear storyline, just launched on Steam Early Access on April 16.

In this innovative sandbox you create your own adventure in a player driven economy your actions will result in the development of both the world and your character. The game story takes place in the early 21st century, when solar activity increased dramatically. Within two weeks civilization collapsed, wiping out power sources, government and infrastructure. Humanity descended into darkness. In 2150-2170, dust began to settle on the surface of the planet and the sunrays reappeared after 150 years of darkness.

Is mankind strong enough to restore what they've destructed over the last century? What life is going to be like now?

Game Features

Huge open game world – 12 square kilometers packed with interesting places for early alpha (out of 200 square kilometers of the entire map - additional locations will be added regularly with updates). Immerse yourself in a atmospheric post-apocalyptic world carefully crafted by our artist.
Character progression – We will give you the freedom to develop your character according to your playstyle. Different dialog options will be available based on your decisions. Become a bandit, clan leader or trader and see how your reputation will influence the world around you.
Player driven Economy – Our innovative take on in game economy will let you decide what you want to do, will you work at a factory, become a trader or manage your own business and start hiring people and handing out wages.
Impactful decision making - See the world changing alongside your story, become more than a survivor, thrive with a group and dominate the wasteland.
Thrilling PVP action – Hunt down other players as a lone wolf or join a clan and capture and govern entire wasteland cities.
Deep crafting system – Develop your character to withstand the harsh world by crafting advanced equipment, trade, build and prosper.

Why Early Access?

“Our aim is to create an awesome game, and we need you as a player/expert to provide us with your thoughts and ideas. The Skies is currently in early alpha and we invite you to come and test the game so that we can continue our development together until we deliver an amazing product. The main features are already implemented, and we’re looking for your feedback to improve and polish the experience. We hope that Early Access will give us a better understanding of what you are looking for in our game, and how we can provide this to you. If you like our start and progress, we'll really appreciate your support, because as any developers we need the opportunities for going ahead and creating more and more of great content. :)
The Skies is a unique project in that it combines multiple game genres. It’s not a traditional MMORPG, but a combination of the FPS and RPG genre set in a multiplayer world with a player driven economy.
Due to the complexity and innovative nature of the game we decided that Early Access would be the best approach for us, as development without community involvement could lead to long and unproductive development times. We hope that this approach will help us to create an immersive and enjoyable universe.
So, Early Access is a great opportunity for us to involve the community and create a great game together. We want to create a fantastic first impression of our game and we promise that we will do everything possible to impress you and keep the game development moving in the right direction.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“We plan to have regular updates every 2-3 weeks until we move on to our beta phase at the end of 2016. The exact date of our beta launch will be confirmed once we are able to deliver a game you will love.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“We plan to have regular updates every 2-3 weeks until we move on to our beta phase at the end of 2016. The exact date of our beta launch will be confirmed once we are able to deliver a game you will love.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The current version has some bugs and is awaiting content additions in certain areas. Overall, all main features are in place and the core gameplay elements are there to be tested and improved upon.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The game will stay free-to-play with in-apps and premium accounts options. We will run special offers and promotions on a regular basis, all of which can be found on the Steam game page.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Working together with the community will be our main focus during the Early Access period we hope that with your support and ideas we can create the best game ever and give you the product that we envisioned. We plan to share our task management board with all our content plans, updates, ideas and more, and we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on the Steam forum: Steamcommunity.com

Or feel free to reach out to us on our other community pages:


as the release date " Released Apr 1, 2016 " this game is a joke .
barely works .
totally not ready yet .

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feillyne Author

Nah, it is not. First, it is an indie game. Second, it barely went into an early access phase and has been released only for a couple of days. You can give the game a chance at least. A few months later perhaps.

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