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The second alpha is now complete and because of the many problems of pseudo-security especially because of security certificates.

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We would like to inform you that the second alpha is now complete and because of the many problems of pseudo-security.
In fact, when you download the game with google chrome you can probably see a warning that Jiun is as malicious software (which is not the case) and new (sure you've never downloaded it).
Most of the time Windows also refuse to open the Jiun's installation software.

The answer is very simple. When a program is provided to users, it must be signed with a security certificate costing €90 to €200 per year.
If you do not do this, many discouraging warnings will appear.
Given the fact that we are a start-up, we can not afford to invest in a certificate which would only serve to fuel the high financially Authorities.
This certification system is stifling new video games developers and if this restrictive mechanism continues, there will be progressively less indies that develop games.

About certificates
A hacker can also buy such a certificate for fraudulent purposes. Therefore, the fact of seeing such a green padlock on a web page does not constitute a security.
It only encrypts the data you send to the site which one you are.

What will happen to Jiun?

We are deciding if we will continue along the path to provide a downloadable application or an online application executable as in the first alpha version.
The goal is to provide the greatest stability and security for our users which will arrive as same as our new website!
We will certainly keep you informed of the result.

We invite you to respond on the forum: here .


PlayAtTheHeart Interactive Ltd.

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