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Post news RSS The Searing Mountain - Gameplay Preview for version 0.8. Dragon and improved game mechanics

Recent work includes implementation of the dragon controller, better game mechanics and many fixes of bugs and mistakes. First goal is to accomplish singleplayer, many of other features can be implemented such as multiplayer, evil dragons or multiple dragon weapons.

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First of all credit for 3DHaupt and his very well made Dragon model.

Let me show you the newest gameplay of The Searing Mountain for the next playable version. First of all, the dragon controller will be essential for the next update. Work includes mostly fixes and optimisations for game mechanics, do more realism,swim and climb controllers.
Work also includes mostly editing already existing levels and doing more level designs on them, adding new levels isn't a good idea to that stage of the project where there are still bugs and mistakes to be fixed.

The next version will be released 1st of June 2021. It’ll be version 0.8. I’ve updated the project to Unity version 2020.3.0f1 LTS, Unity Hub is very helpful for managing Unity Editor versions, so I decided to do so. In the next version there will be extended inventory and panels where the player will know what quest he actually has to accomplish.

The bow system will be fixed in larger parts, especially with different types of arrows, there will be explosive, magic or snow arrows that weren’t in the previous version.

Better animation rigging, the same as the current character controller where I use 2 dimensional blend tree for animation rigging, it means now the player can strafe, go backwards, left and right. And above all crosshair, so the aiming will be much easier, you can shoot using bow and cast spells without changing to an FPS controller.

Save and load system will be fixed with extended player data, now it’ll save euler angles of current player rotation, what quests he accomplished and data about movable objects with triggers.

When the next version will be released, the next goals for sure will be the skill system (and maybe even award system). It’ll encourage players to play and spend more time getting his character better and skilled.

The Searing Mountain. Version 0.8. Gameplay preview


Looks awesome :D physics are always the most fun to work with, aren't they?
I'll be following

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YanGez93 Author

Thanks :) Yeah, there is a lot of work with physics and overall all of the controllers: dragon, human, swimming, FPS(bow system). Firstly the character has the "Character Component" of Unity Engine but it didn't work well, the character didn't have smooth animations and there were problems with mixing rigidbody that shouldn't be mixed. There are still problems and mistakes that I'm aware of and I'll try to fix all of them in the next version.

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Don't be too hard on yourself heh, it's looking great so far!

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YanGez93 Author

Thanks :) Now I'm looking for all the bugs and mistakes so maybe I'm more critical of myself than ever :)

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