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Weekly news as the game approaches completion. This past week saw the revision of the agricultural system and the addition of two new crops!

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(Missed episode 2? Check it out HERE)

New Crops

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During the past week the new agricultural system was finished and also saw the addition of 2 new crops; Luna Blossoms and Shadeweed, each discovered in separate Goodie Huts that are hidden around the map. The Luna Blossoms add a slow damage over time to all enemy Dark units during battle, plus a blast of energy will land on a random enemy at variable intervals during battle dealing 15 damage plus the cumulative level of all Dark units currently deployed, making this crop the bane of all things corrupt! Shadeweed, by contrast, is a double edged sword that damages the wielders as well as the victims, units in an army supplied with Shadeweed suffer a 33% Defense De-Buff, but each melee or non-magic ranged attack they land on enemies inflicts a DoT that deals damage equal to one-third their attack power every tick for 4 ticks (i.e. more than doubling their damage output).

New Crops

All in all I'm very excited now that crops and the elements they bring with them have been made alot more relevant to the gameplay, offering more tangible benefits with significantly less micromanagement, it's a big improvement of the feature overall. Next up I hope to do the same for the magic system, with the last few updates this system has fallen by the wayside somewhat and some of the spells don't even function properly, the new system will fix all that and make it even more satisfying to use! First off I'm going to start laying out the framework for the new Tower and Mana mechanics, depending on how long this takes I'll be feeding in the spells that already are in the game to the new system, that and ironing out the wrinkles that will inevitably appear should take most if not all of this coming week. I can say a little about the new Mana system now, so you have an idea where I'm going with it; rather than the old system of feeding Crystal straight into the Sorcerer's Tower to cast spells I hope to make things a bit more interesting, using Crystals (and maybe other resources as well) to generate Mana over time, the slower the rate, the more efficient the exchange, Mana will then be expended in the casting or channeling of Grand Spells.

New Crops

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is enjoying the Beta so far, keep up with the latest developments on your social media too!

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