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Before Desura/Indie DB publish your game they walk through it with you and suggest changes that should be made. This process has started! WOOO!

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That's right. After a bit of fuss with the release of the game (i submitted it as a demo but this wasn't allowed so i re-submitted as pre-alpha after adding a lot) the process of getting it uploaded has begun. I have had the first change needed sent to me from Desura so hopefully this will get the ball rolling and Samphi will be live in the next couple of week. I HOPE.

Here is a small breakdown of what the pre-alpha contains.

As it currently stands Samphi has one woodland level you can visit with 5 areas. This gives a fairly large area for you to explore, fight and build in. The terrain is destructable so you can build underground houses, traps and all kinds of lovely things! I want to set the record straight on this now. This is NOT a terraria clone/wanna-be. The game is not based on exploration and building alone, it is a wave/tower defense with these features added for added epicness...RANT OVER.

When the game is fully released it will have a proper wave/level system set up .... well this is pre-alpha so that doesn't exist yet. Instead we have some simple wave mechanics that grow exponentially harder with each level wave and there is currently no limit. It's almost like zombies at the moment ... just go until you die! post your highest waves on here. When you die the wave cancels and you simple re-spawn. There will be some punishment for dying but you certainly wont loose all your gear. I HATE games that give harsh punishments because it restricts gameplay as you don't want to die. This way you can go wild and have fun, if you die you simply re-spawn and try again.

So what do you do in-between fighting of waves of relentless/fearless enemies? You build your own little civilization up and survive. Build a house, a farm, collect resources and prepare for onslaught. The waves are completely at your control you can spend a month building up and epic land and then start the waves or start them straight away and survive off the land as you go. It's up to you!

This is a small breakdown of the three key aspects of that game that are implemented for pre-alpha. If you like the sound of it then watch the game as this will be available to play in the near future. Hope you join me!


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