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The little story behind The Road Zombie apocalypse survival game.

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The Road

"I remember when i had a home, now a shelter. When i used go to work, not to hunt. When i had a family, now my only family is my dog. This is a hard time for us all the survivors left, although i haven't met anyone else yet. It's just us now. Nobody knows what happend, but whatever it was it hitted us hard in a matter or seconds without any warning. The virus started infecting humans and making them unable to see, others unable to hear or talk. Then all of a sudden, everybody started attacking each other, biting there own flesh and killing there own siblings. I live this day by day trying to survive and hoping that someday a cure will come to terminate all these creeps and live a normal life again but, by now so many days past that i even lost count, Also i lost my little hope of rescue. The only way is to just survive and prey i die a death not so brutal and continue along the road"
- Last survivor on Rocky island

The Ropad The Ropad The Road - In Development The Rock Terrain

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