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The Early information about the Road Zombie apocalypse survival game.

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The Road


This is not a horror game, The Road is a single-player game being made in Unity3D by Kumi (ME).
In this game, the player will be placed in a post-apocalypse world called rocky island where you have to survive this land by finding supplies, weapons, food, water, vehicles, shelter and so on. Also, Sam will be you're only friend survivor and guard dog.

The Road will be testing you're survival skills on hunting and surviving. You will need to hunt the last surviving animals left for food or you die from hunger. You will need to find water or die from Dehydration. You will need to find shelter to rest in and see how much you can take on the living.

Apart from 'The Creeps' who will try to kill you, player will have to survive the apocalypse and the nature.

The Rock Terrain The Ropad
The Ropad The Rock Terrain

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