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Hello there everybody! :) This is my first selfmade CS and now i will tell you some about: - 5 Level CS (Museum, Hotel, Outside, Church, Underground Church) - Level 1-4 done!! - Level 5 under constrution - a ton to explore and search - jump'n'run passage - custom texture A few new Screenshots will follow!! :)

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You are starting in a Museum at Night...
Closed in and searching for a clue, something goes wrong and a earthquake comes in, destroying some of the rooms. Strange noises...notes of killing childrin....a man how build a Mansion... a Church...how lost his Wife and daughter...going insane....

What have this all about to do with you? What is going on in this village? Why does nobody help you? What RItual is this you are searching for? And what in Pancakejesusname are this Monsters?

For every Question there is an answer....or not?

FInd it out!

--Coming soon--

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