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Post news RSS The result of working on my Freenergy project inspired by-Into the Breach

One day, I was inspired by the Into the Breach project. And now, I'm trying to create my own world of fighting mechs.

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The world may be in the not too distant future. A successful high-tech corporation is engaged in battles between robots, similar to gladiator fights.

Attention! This art was created using a neural network using the description of the game.

These fights, like thousands of years ago, are aimed at creating a show for influential people.

Various robots act as gladiators, each with its own unique feature.

Attention! This art was created using a neural network using the description of the game.

Our protagonist is an engineer who accidentally finds himself "captured" by a corporation. 
And now I have to create combat robots and fight in the arena. Although he is a peaceful character, 
an admirer of science.
The main goal of the hero is to become the strongest "gladiator" and get the promised freedom, 
but not only for himself, 
but also for his sister, who is also held "captive" by the corporation.

What can you find in the project?

Of course - turn-based, tactical battles in the "arena".

During the battle, you have a field of 9 cells-positions in the same way as the enemy, some opponents are

able to move.

Battles promise to be unique thanks to a variety of weapon modules that have an individual multiplier for using abilities in different positions.

After the battle, you get to the base where you can develop your robot (skills, abilities, items), as you progress through the game, new compartments are added.


Terminal The main compartment, when pressed, opens the list of levels.

A warehouse is a place where you can sell old equipment or buy new equipment.

A compartment where you can equip new parts of the robot, activated items.

A compartment where the available abilities are displayed and it is possible to select them for different parts of the body.

The last two locations are in the process of being rendered, but I'll probably mention them too.

A compartment where skills are learned (something like leveling a character)


A compartment where you can see game statistics, special achievements (if any)

Key features of the project that I would like to highlight:

1) Story bosses are robots based on characters from folk tales, an example of some of them:

kolobok death 1 gif 1

Boss kolobok, but what about without him? Occupies 2x2 cells, throws bombs, or uses a lazarus. Of the advantages: a fairly strong enemy with strong armor.

Koschey but not quite immortal) (a skeleton with a two-handed sword) and his auxiliary units: a duck, a hare and a tree with a chest.

anim attack gifduck jump gif

rabbit death gifdeath tree new1 gif

2) Robots can consist of several parts, each of which is a separate combat unit (the same applies to the player's robot). The loss of a unit (part of the body) is not critical and leaves the opportunity to successfully complete the battle, and then one or the other part of the body comes to the fore.

3) There is a total supply of energy that needs to be distributed between units. Not every unit does one ability, and the player (and opponent) will choose the most useful set of actions in a given situation.

4) Each ability has a status bar. It is not profitable to constantly use the same ability, because when the state decreases, its effect (for example, damage) decreases, as a result, it becomes more profitable to use different abilities.

5) The ability to vary the moment of activation. There is instant execution, delayed (at the beginning of the next turn), long-term (each move by itself, without additional energy costs). Thanks to this, it becomes possible to adapt to the actions of the opponent.

6) Combination of abilities. At the base there is a laboratory where new abilities are opened.

Each part of the robot's body has several ability slots. The player can decide for himself which abilities to take to the next level and, at his discretion, distribute them according to body parts.

Having finished with the story about the first impressions that you will probably meet in the game, I want to tell you about myself:

In 2019, the idea arose to create my own game, at that time Unity seemed to be the most popular engine, I decided to start with it (I had little programming experience, but in a different language). The first time I studied the engine in the evening after work. Around the middle of 2019, I started working on the first project and improving in programming. As a result, I released my first Steam game Defense And Revenge, which had its drawbacks, but I consider it a good project for the first time. Then, he created the mobile game Ant Queen, which is an author's board game. Admittedly, both games were not commercially successful, but I decided to move on, taking into account past mistakes, and there were still interesting ideas.

In 2021, he began work on the Freenergy game, when the main framework of the game was thought out and partially implemented, he decided to move on to the development of visual design. A pixel art artist has joined the team. We continue to work in this format: I am a game designer + programmer, a 2d pixel art artist and a tester friend. Sometimes we order something on the side, for example, music.

My view of the future and future plans:

There will be a significant number of rival bosses in the game, now they are clear in terms of the general concept, but half still needs to be worked out from the point of view. game mechanics, and draw even more.

We continue to increase the variety of common opponents

The character development system is now in active development, the study of skills for the acquired combat experience

Development of new abilities and activated items

Plot expansion, introduction of new characters

Possible addition of a mini-game

All this is planned to be implemented no earlier than by mid-2023 and release on steam.

Attention! This art was created using a neural network using the description of the game.

In the meantime, you can make me a little happier by doing one simple thing:




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