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Post news RSS The Reptilz Update has ssslithered in!

Drop everything and descend into Durnar, where new content awaits! The Reptilz Update introduces new Symbionts, enemies (plus an elite one), two new ultimate skills, and much, much more!

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Drop everything and descend into Durnar, where new content awaits! The Reptilz Update introduces new Symbionts, enemies (plus an elite one), two new ultimate skills, and much, much more!

Watch the Official Update Trailer:

New Sssymbiontssss:



With a razor-sharp edge finer than many a deadly blade, the Macuahuitl will make quick work of Yotun’s enemies with a quick slash across followed by a finishing downward blow.

Let dis Macuahuitl chop da way for da advent of Run-Arok - Shaman Vordagg



Beyond being awesomely spikey, the Katar will give Yotun even more flexibility of movement when he fights enemies with it. When performing a hard attack with the Katar, Yotun will also dash diagonally.

Pierce da heartz of monsterz with dis dagger and offer their livez to the godz - Shaman Vordagg

New item: Totem


Who said Yotun had to do all the hard work by himself? Using the new Totem will make battles all the more satisfying. When the Totem is placed on the ground, it gives off an Aura that will grant different Area of Effect bonuses to Yotun when he fights within it.

Diz little bud will cheer you on, during da fight - Drupa Snoopa

New Enemiesss:



Durnar has no limit to the deadly and vicious creatures you’ll find in the shadows. Be sure not to underestimate this clever girl.



Yotun is going to need a bigger...symbiont to have a chance against the new Molesharks. Stay aware, they hide and move underground, jumping out to attack at the least expected moment.



Forget about watching your tail, you’re going to want to keep your eye on Reptilla’s two tails! With double the chance to knock Yotun out with her whipping tails, she’ll be even harder to take out with 3 whole health bars to deplete.

New elite enemy: Elite Raptor

Just when you thought you had enough of raptors, you’ll find the mother of all raptors, blocking you from going deeper into Durnar. Yotun will have to defeat her if he is to fulfill his destiny as the Chosen One. We want you to get the full experience of the feeling of fear that grips you when you first see her, so you’ll have to find her in the caves if you want to see what she looks like.

New NPC: Drupa Snoopa

Drupa Snoopa

Don’t let his cute look deceive you, Drupa is a skilled alchemist and your first point of contact to discuss improvements to Usable Items.

Drupa Snoopa Upgrades:

  • Drooch Power - increases the strength of all Drooches
  • Grenades Power - increases the strength of all Grenades
  • Rootraps Power - increases the strength of all Traps
  • Totem Power- increases the strength of all Totems
  • Scrapping Usable Items - unlocks the ability to Scrap Drooches, Grenades, Traps, and Totems
  • Drooch Duration - increases the Duration of your Drooch (Dark Drooch is not affected by this upgrade)
  • Totem Duration - increases the Duration of your Totems
  • Hotbar - Unlocks the third Hotbar Slot
  • Craving for Drooch - permanently increases your Drooch Max Stack Size
  • Craving for Grenades - permanently increases your Grenade Max Stack Size
  • Craving for Rootraps - permanently increases your Trap Max Stack Size
  • Craving for Totems - permanently increases your Totem Max Stack Size
  • Drooch Gathering - permanently increases your Drooch Charges
  • Grenades Gathering - increases the amount of Grenades you can find in Durnar
  • Trap Amount - increases the amount of Traps you can find in Durnar
  • Totems Gathering - increases the amount of Totems you can find in Durnar

New Troll traitsss: Crazy Bomberman (P), Hedgehog (P), Never Ending Hunger (N)

Die. Be reborn. Die. Be reborn again. But now with new traits.

  • Crazy Bomberman (positive) - Grenades are the only Usable Item that Yotun can find, but all Grenades receive a 250% Damage increase.
  • Hedgehog (positive) - Yotun’s rolls deal damage to enemies based on his Armor Value.
  • Never Ending Hunger (negative) - in each Lock Room, Yotun “eats” one random stack of Usable Items from the inventory.

New Ultimate ssskillss: Vortex (Dark) and Overcharge (Shock)

Unlocking new Rata skills not only changes her appearance but also her role on the battlefield:

  • Vortex (Dark) - Rata throws a Vortex Orb that pulls in nearby enemies. After 30 seconds it explodes dealing massive damage. While the Vortex Orb is active you have a Mana Cost Reduction for all Mutations.
  • Overcharge (Shock) - Rata grants you a surging Shock Aura that deals Elemental Damage to the enemies around you. You gain a huge bonus to your Break damage. Every Charge attack and ending attack in a combo chain cause a Shock explosion.

New Mechanics

Mana System Rework - To make combat more challenging and to, later on, increase the power and impact of Mutations, we reworked how Mana Regeneration works. Now instead of passive regeneration per second, Yotun replenishes Mana per Hit performed on enemies.

Mutation Power, Rarity, and Harmony - We have completely reworked how Mutations work. Now, each Mutation has a Power stat which increases its Damage, Elemental Damage, and Mana Cost. Rarity affects less straightforward stats like ranges, radiuses, and duration. Harmony modifies Damage and Elemental Damage based on the Element of Mutation.

Bio and Shock elements rework - We have changed the effects of said Elements to make them more evenly matched with other elements. Additionally, we changed the relationship between elements from Fire > Ice > Bio > Shock > Dark > Fire to Fire > Ice > Shock > Bio > Dark > Fire to improve how they interact with each other.

Enemies Elemental Buffs - Up to this point elemental differences between enemies were mostly different attack sets. Now each Element has its own set of bonuses that apply to most of the enemies.

Equipment Scrap - Turn unwanted Symbionts, Mutations, and Armor into Scrap which can be used to order Custom Equipment from Village Denizens.

Buff/Debuff Notifications - Now Players can see icons for various types of buffs and statuses that affect Yotun temporarily.

Break and Resistance stats name change - to make their meaning more clear, we renamed Break and Resistance stats into Impact and Stability.


Main Features

  • New Symbionts: Macuahuitl (Strength), Katar (Focus)
  • Mana System Rework
  • Buffs/Debuffs Notifications
  • New enemies: Raptor, Moleshark, Reptilla (each in 5 Element variants)
  • New elite enemy: Elite Raptor (encountered in its own dedicated Arena)
  • New item: Totem (in 6 Elemental variants)
  • New Symbionts & armor tier: Scrap
  • New Ultimate skills: Vortex (Dark) and Overcharge (Shock)
  • New dungeon level: VIII
  • New NPC: Drupa Snoopa (responsible for usable items)
  • New tier of all usable items
  • New NPC upgrades (37 in total)
  • New quests: Mine Descent, Risk for Reward
  • New Troll traits: Crazy Bomberman (P), Hedgehog (P), Never Ending Hunger (N)
  • Blueprints for new Symbionts
  • New ceremony cutscenes

Enemies & Combat

  • Fixed an issue in which all Reptilz were not rotating while in an idle/patrol state
  • Fixed an issue in which Elite Scorpen would get stuck whilst digging out of the ground
  • Projectile aiming improvement for Spitters and Garguls - They now predict their targets’ position
  • Hit reactions lowered depending on Impact and Stability values
  • Changed melee weapon tracing from line tracing to sphere tracing to improve hit detection for bigger enemies


  • Added arrows indicating the location of the hole between floors in the ‘Abandoned Machinery’ quest based on community feedback
  • 'Lost and Found' quest mini map icon now disappears if player abandons quest
  • Fixed a bug which caused the player to spawn out of bounds
  • Fixed an issue with enemies getting stuck in a stone after spawning from a root event in a certain room
  • Fixed an issue with the stairs spawning inside the tunnel in the ‘Lost Warrior’ quest

Player & Permanent Upgrades

  • Fix for incorrect Veri Stack size upgrades at Big Momma’s based on community feedback
  • Fix for a bug which caused Symbionts to have wrong Levels at Keepers Supply based on community feedback
  • Changed key bindings for Lock-On target change from TAB key to Mouse Wheel based on community feedback
  • Elemental resistance setup for all armor as flat increases based on tier (Yotunz, Leather, Bone etc.)


  • Mutation descriptions are now split into separate Basic and Alternative switchable panels
  • Removed the first page that appears after starting a conversation with a Village NPC
  • Changes to incorrect Stat descriptions for Rata and Yotun
  • Implemented new NPC upgrade icons.
  • Adjusted the size of the hint upgrade widget depending on the description text

Music & Sound

  • New sounds and voice overs
  • Added ambient music for Bone Mine theme
  • Added variables and sounds to putting in the key and opening gate in lost and found quest


  • Fixed an issue with the Exploding Egg trap explosion not triggering other Egg traps
  • Fixed an issue with homing projectiles trying to access a target character which was already dead
  • Added a lore intro panel before the tutorial
  • Added tutorial tips for symbiont, mutation, and armor along with info about scrap
  • Fixed places in the Village where the player could go out of bounds
  • Fixed an issue with walking above Tadd da Bats bowl;
  • Fixed an issue with collisions near the "Ceremonial Stage" and blocked the possibility to stand on this platform
  • Various bug fixes and balancing
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