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Why there is nothing new, and what Bacus Studio will be working on...

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Over the past year we have undergone massive changes, from a basic Indiedev rag-tag group of people, to a constituted company, with earnings and bills to pay. This has transformed the speed at which we work, and also the projects we work on.

CSE: The Purge of the Exiled; was a project intended to be a MMORTS web-based, with five distinct asymmetric factions, espionage, alliances, combat, administration, the works! We were doing this from scratch; no engines, nothing!

This meant that we were taking forever to make this project come true, as a matter of fact we have been working on it since early 2012. Finally this year we decided to change project, placing The Purge on hold, while making something smaller, with an engine and a restructured team.

The changes in total are the following:

  • Office space
  • Specific work times
  • Salaries
  • Agile to keep track of our work
  • New people working with us
  • The use of Unity, as our engine

To give you an idea how much more efficient these changes make us, we managed to create an alpha version of our game in two and a half months, compared to a couple of years working on the other one; with no alpha whatsoever –we only created various modules, which were all separated.

Today we will place The Purge on hold, the idea is not to cancel this project, but to change it, and turn it –eventually- to a real RTS with a 3D look to it.

We will announce the game we are working on in due time, and of course we shall let you know when we create the new game page here, in Indiedev.

Thank you for your time

Ignacio Baldini

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