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You can run, you can hide, but how long can you survive?

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Small Soldiers,

The Plague has players jumping, climbing and shooting their way through a bunch of ultra-realistic, home environments. The levels may have a friendly home-appeal, but you’re just a pint-sized action figure. You must time your jumps and use your weapon wisely. Ammo is randomly spread throughout the map in the form of plastic BB-pellets, forcing players to move should they be trigger happy.

Players who start with the plague must use their abilities to their advantage. Such as extra speed and special vision which grants sight on the whereabouts of each living player

New Content & Improvements:

  • New Plague Mode!
  • Added new Loading Screens!
  • Improved intro video keyframe timing to prevent "choppy" video
  • Added improved tooltip system to menu
  • Improved new Options > Multiplayer screen
  • Added plague button and halloween unboxed logo
  • Added new Map description/preview tool tips
  • Added map subtext descriptions
  • Added force feedback and recoil for the missing weapons (Flamethrower, GrenadeLauncher, Laser, Minigun, Shotgun, Sniper)
  • Added name of person who killed you in PvP
  • Added consistent menu buttons to missing places in the UI
  • Blueprint fade effect is quicker in PvP
  • Disabled destroying buildables until they're repaired
  • Added claw to plague mode survivors
  • Adjusted claw attachment materials
  • Added nightmode option to display mode for playing at night
  • Improved tool tip performance
  • New Plague Mode music track
  • Improved menu map preview cubemaps
  • Text unlock improvements for customization menu
  • Improved FP weapons to have higher quality Mips and LODs
  • Chungus FX optimizations
  • Gliderplane idle time adjustment
  • Disabled ability to glitch and stand upon world boundary actors
  • AntiAir Turret Damage + Power adjustment, Sense range increase
  • Adjusted net issues for health and shield state

Various Fixes:

  • Fixed spectator gamepad controls
  • Fixed invalidation panel errors causing "frozen" menu
  • Fixed UI scale not working in options
  • Fix for loading screen not lasting during level change
  • Fixed blueprint fx issues when travelling between worlds when player and world has not loaded yet on clients.
  • Fixed multiplayer lobby brightness issue on low settings quality
  • Fixed texture streaming in airhockey shuffle.
  • Fixed toypalace prop fade distances
  • Fixed inability to unlock rocket turret x3
  • Fixed HUD displaying of Axis binds instead of just Actions
  • Fixed meanbot and spinner damage sometimes not occurring
  • Fixed loadout menu navigation for players
  • Fixed cheats menu not receiving input sometimes
  • Fixed broken and/or missing unlocks, added new chrome material unlock
  • Fixed not being able to select locked character types
  • Fixed XP not being shown on scoreboard
  • Fixed explosion damage and FX inconsistencies
  • Fixed local players team icon missing in lobby
  • Fixed formatting on options UI's so they no longer go off-
  • Fixed Advanced Settings button name on ingame menu
  • Fixed issue in which actors could spawn with zero health
  • Fixed pickups not colliding with players
  • Fixed loadout sub menu lists when res scale
  • Fixed jets aiming system
  • Fixed quick controls wasted space
  • Fixed soldier random heads and body parts not working properly
  • Fixed end of round stats menu for PvP
  • Fixed collision on cabinets and cardboard box props
  • Fix for incorrect weapon impact physics and particles
  • Fixed Lobby lighting issues resulting in dull players
  • Fixed some server updates repeatedly happening until values have been changed
  • Fixed calculating player ranks before game-end to prevent strange "player draw" issue
  • Fixed enemy AI using outdated "safety" system instead of new system
  • Fixed Attic_Daytime PVP props, collision fixes
  • Fixed Weapons not triggering stop-sound on detatch
  • Minor fixes to garden nav paths, jet balancing and physical mat for cardboard boxes

kitchen 1920 1080
hallway 1920 1080

Good luck and have fun!

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