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Our kickstarter didnt go as planned. But we decided to go on with the game and try once again in the future. We will also have a build available this time! Take a look at our progress from the past months.

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Hello people from IndiedDB!

As we've seen, our kickstarter didnt go as planned. But we decided to go on with the game and try once again.

This time we will present a build and reviewed values, plus try to work with a bigger base of fans and followers.

For now, take a look at the progress we made in the past months.


Getting a new relic system is now complete! You will need to use you lamp in order to get a new relic. New relics work as collectibles.


New pathfinding algorithm makes enemies find their way in the dungeon and after you easily!


New breakable platforms to make pit trap and platforming challenges.

ezgif com optimize

Find breakable walls to reveal secrets! Leading to treasure and collectibles, in order to complete the game 100%.


Here's a look of how a part of the dungeon will look. Did you find someone interesting in there? Take a better look! @undertale

And to the final, a screenshot of our first mini boss of the stage, Devourer!

arc de triomphe small

Thats it for now! Wait for a new post with the precise new kickstarter date. The demo will be launched the same say of the kickstarter and also posted here on IndieDB!

Stay tuned!

Martelo Nero Team


I'm really glad this hasn't disappeared, I wish I had a bigger following to communicate with, this site will be undergoing changes to help connect people but its a shame that the Kickstarter didn't work out.

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Glad to hear that you will try again :) This game looks amazing can't wait to play the demo.

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You guys have amazing art, I'm so glad that you guys still moved forward even after the failed kickstarter. I wish you the best of luck and for the future success of this game :)

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mirrorlink Author

thanks everybody guys! We will try again on kickstarter and we hope to make it with a good demo!

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I got a follow request from this games twitter today. I really wish I had got that before the Kickstarter campaign so I could have donated. I don't know anything about the game and already, I can't wait to play it. Good luck guys, I really hope this game gets made.

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