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Introducing the two-handed sword-wielding holy warrior, the Paladin!

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Introducing the brand-new art work and game play description for Dungeons of Daggerhelm's newly developed class: the Paladin!

The Paladin is a melee-based fighter that deals holy damage to his foes and soaks up damage using the heaviest plate armor. The Paladin excels at blocking projectiles from squishier classes, absorbing damage from melee attackers, and providing limited ranged support when at low health (if low health is an option). Although slower than the ranged classes, the Paladin makes up for this in his ability to single-handedly tank waves of enemies with his higher health regeneration rate. He deals damage with basic attacks and his two abilities, Hammerfall and Judgment, which cast area-of-effect damage at foes.

The Paladin is most useful if you are a player with an itch to get up-close and personal with the enemies you will face in Dungeons of Daggerhelm. It is not recommended that you play this class if you are one of the following:
or one of Satan's followers.

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