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Angels That Kill News - Information regarding the newest and biggest update to the game yet.

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The largest update for the game yet is now out and features numerous changes and improvements over the base game. Hopefully this will be one of the last updates for it and any in the future will just be for any additional bug fixes and maybe some more language support.

The full changelog:

-added police tape to the flashback/dream sequence
-added a restart option in the "Extras" game mode pause menu
-added a quit option in the "Extras" game mode pause menu
-added more "New Game Plus" interactions
-added a new cutscene at the beginning of the flashback/dream sequence to help the transition
-added a new cutscene at the beginning of chapter 4 to help the transition
-added a new possible main menu song edit
-added more people to kill in the "Valentines Day Massacre" game mode
-added a new secondary objective in the "Valentines Day Massacre" game mode
-added a new interaction in the "Valentines Day Massacre" game mode
-added more birds over the police station in chapter 4
-added a pause menu to the tutorial
-added a brief changelog when you click on the version number in the main menu
-added the ability to toggle running
-added three new achievements
-added the "Nightmares" game mode under the chapters menu

-touched up one of the shaders in the "Extras" game mode
-touched up one of the epilogue sound effects
-touched up some scripts
-touched up the running speeds to be a bit faster
-touched up some audio
-touched up the fading in script speed after talking with the police chief in chapter 4
-touched up the flashlight intensity in the "Valentines Day Massacre" game mode
-touched up some of the models
-touched up the chapter colors to become more red than pink
-touched up some dialogue
-touched up the timing of some of the chapter transitions
-touched up the amount of blur in chapter 3 to be lower if you did not take the pills
-touched up the amount of blur on all cameras to be lower while image effects are on
-touched up the camera sensitivity to be lower during the flashback/dream sequence
-touched up the "Tutorial" cameras
-touched up some of the "Tutorial" messages
-touched up the "loading" notification
-touched up music in the chapter 3 rooftop escape cutscene
-touched up the animation in the chapter 3 rooftop escape cutscene
-touched up the fisheye effect to be lower if you took the pills
-fixed an issue in the "Two Dark Nights" mode where the background audio would not turn off during the ending
-fixed an issue where you could not interact with the homeless man in chapter 3
-fixed an issue where the image effects option would not work with some of the cameras in the flashback/dream sequence
-fixed a spelling mistake in the credits
-fixed several interaction spelling mistakes
-fixed the background music option in the "Epilogue"
-fixed the bars in the casino entrance
-fixed the chapter 3 "I'm tired..." quote interference
-fixed part of the epilogue being improperly blocked off
-fixed a bug in chapter 2 with the elevator
-fixed the streetlight in the epilogue
-fixed a light in chapter 2
-fixed being able to view the inventory during the "Tutorial" when exiting the scene
-fixed one of the endings improperly displaying characters names
-fixed the inventory mix up for Bickel in chapter 4 with the revolver item
-fixed the objectives not showing up at the same time in chapter 4
-fixed the controls menu in the "Valentines Day Massacre" game mode
-fixed the Z-fighting issue with some of the cameras
-fixed the FPS limit option to accurately cap the framerate

-changed all of the GUI to now scale based on the screen size
-change the frame-rate option from "30, 60, 120" to "30, 60, Unlimited"
-changed the name of chapter 3
-changed the placement of one of the "New Game Plus" interactions
-changed the chapters menu
-changed the flow of chapter 1
-changed the intro be able to be skipped with any key
-changed the size of the revolver in the inventory
-changed how the birds are triggered and placed in chapter 4 to give the player a more clear understanding
-changed the description for the FPS limit option
-changed the texture quality to be independent of the chosen overall quality so that the map/journal/placemarkers can still be clearly seen on lower quality settings
-changed all interactions to now just state "Interact"/"Interact Alt" instead of
"LMB"/"RMB" to be more user friendly in case of alternate controls or controller use
-changed all of the text so that the speakers name stands out in red
-changed various small elements of the "Epilogue"
-changed the version number

No matter what else I do with Angels That Kill it has been a fun ride, as always thank you guys for all of the support and have a baller day.

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