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After our recent release we are now looking to the next development moves and our next objective.

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The last release of Darlink teached us a lot on design and how it should be done, but still, we weren't really able to put it into practice because we were already bound to a base game and content.

There is no dubt that this game is still far from completition and will take a lot more time to evolve into something better, still the next step will surely be to put the project on hold since we already spent a lot of time on Darlink and have many other things lined up.

From now untill January our team will be looking into the material we have, consider the next move (surely we will develop something).

For now we can't say what our next project is going to be, but I feel like the team could use a rest from Darlink, so Darlink is almost surely on hold untill January, next steps still to be decided.

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