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The Brunellechi MMO client is back in production! Check out the new Wardrobe feature in the Alpha 2.1.31 update and watch for more updates coming soon.

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Updates are Back!

For several months, development for the Brune 3D client was put on the shelf in favor of work on the central web-client. But now the MMO demo is back in production! Fans and new players alike can look forward to semi-daily updates and regular bug fixing. Fortunately, you won't have to re-download the client every time it updates. (But you should download a2.1.29 or higher) The regular client, available through IndieDB, comes complete with an auto-updating function. Each new update will offer to download itself and update the client for you. If you're one of the lucky receivers of a beta steam key, you can play Brune with Steamworks functions and maybe even get a few early achievements. This client will update itself through steam, as could be expected.

What's new in Brune 3D?

Through we only restarted development last week, there have already been two major feature changes. The first is the replacement of the Multiplayer setup. Our old multiplayer infrastructure updated to a state that is not currently useful to the project, so we replaced it with something smoother and simpler. Returning players will notice that there is no longer an 'extra' login screen. The new system doesn't require an extra database, so all data comes directly from Brune.

The second big change is the introduction of the Wardrobe feature. Used to be, after logging in, the player then loads into the big full-settlement map. This is is usually slow and a little hard on processing power, even for really nice computers (optimization is a long and continuous process). Now, players can examine their character model and explore UI elements without loading the full map. When you're ready to wander your settlement, just click the map behind your player in the Wardrobe.

Currently, the Wardrobe offers a limited view of your character and navigation to other features. The bust of Ceasar opens your character sheet. The jars next to the bust open your attributes sheet. The books on the shelf will take you to a small personal Office, from which you can open Brunegame.com either in a separate browser or a web-view within the game. Soon you will be able to see / try on gear, visit your home, work and buildings you own, and even interact with your NPC retainers.

Anyone interested in our progress is welcome to check out the changelog, and watch for the cascade of future updates!

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