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Post news RSS The New Open Access Build (v0.4.9) is LIVE!

In the meantime, Patch 0.4.9 went live mid-December and all the goodies it brought can be checked out below or in-game, of course! I hope you enjoy the fixes and additional features, we'll be back soon with more.

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New Features

  • MS 6: Crew Combat Alpha
  • MS 14: Unrest and Obedience Mechanics (Partial delivery): Liberate or Discipline Slaves to gain Obedience. Unrest will be added in a later update.
  • Butcher beasts or mounts for supplies
  • Warning triggers if an action would result in cargo loss

Additional milestones delivered that will only appear in the main campaign

  • MS 10: Chart Exploration
  • MS 11: Companion Select during Events
  • MS 13: Hidden Stash and Smuggling Contraband

New / Updated Content or Game mechanics

  • New sound effects for a number of creatures
  • Camping without guards decreases Obedience
  • Radial menu icons automatically pop up on the campaign map
  • Node sizes increased for Point of Interests to better indicate them
  • Goods tooltips now show more trade information
  • Merged a few perks to make them more impactful


  • Passenger destinations are now generated correctly in new games (thanks for catching and reporting this!)! Old saves remain bugged.
  • New Day save now works after combat encounters in the Fighting Pit event
  • Cargo slot changes are now applied immediately
  • Fixed tutorial pins for closing the Journal and the Codex
  • Fixed a bug causing Companion conversation portraits to be empty
  • Healing companions no longer triggers the incorrect Event result text
  • Fixed the Journal entry order for The Black Knight chapter V, Eliminating the Abolitionist Camps
  • Clicking on the Journal or Codex during "Hold space..." tutorial/narration is up now does not open them

Coming Up Next

  • More Sound Effects
  • Vagrus Creation for the Main Campaign
  • Companion Combat tweaks and additions
  • Factions UI
  • Animations for all characters


  • Open World Prototype


Here is a little quick guide to the Crew Combat:


On the picture above you can see how the Crew Combat starts. Depending on the situation you may Fight, Sack or Move On.


If you decide to fight you may choose a Goal to pursue. Again the available choices are situational.


After we have chosen to fight the next step is the combat. The combat is maximum of three rounds and an aftermath. As to how long an actual fight will be depends on many factors, including your pursuit, the combat strength of both parties and the success or failure of an individual round. You may add extra combat strength to your side by adding your passengers, slaves and workers to the fight. You may select/deselect your attackers/defenders at the end of each round. Now we have selected our passengers to join the fray boosting our combat strength.



Then there is the Heal step where you may spend some time (Movement Points) and/or Resourcefulness to patch up the members of your comitatus.


And the End Result screen. Was the fight worth it? You be the judge!

The Lost Pilgrims Team

Our crowdfunding campaign is LIVE at Fig! Also, don't forget to wishlist and follow Vagrus on Steam and GoG!

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