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See Olvand's new trailer here, as well as some background info about my goal with it.

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Hi everyone, I've returned home safely from Bratislava, and are ready to continue work on the game some more. I actually managed to get some small stuff done there as well, but that's unrelated to the two big things I'm working on right now; I'll reveal them later.

Speaking about my two big projects: the trailer... it's finished! I might still change some small thingies here and there, but overall it's done. Enjoy:

My main goal is to give you a quick overview of both the 'feel of the game' (to which I hope the custom music will contribute a lot) and to quickly show the four main activities you'll be doing in the game. I hope I succeeded. If people like this, I might actually send it to some smaller indie sites, in the hopes that they will write something about it, or even start reporting Olvand events like new releases. But before I do so, the screenshots displayed everywhere will get an update; most 'main' screenshots are close to 1.5 years old. Furthermore, I'm planning to expand the website with a new videos section and a FAQ section. If you're planning to make your own Olvand Let's Play video, this might a good time to do so ;). Also, if you have a question which should not be forgotten, let me know ('When can I play?' will definitely be included... I answer that question at least twice a day).

In other news, my new graphics and lighting system [Glux] is nearing completion. The shadows are not perfect, but I think acceptable for now. I've cleaned up the code, did lots of optimizations here and there, and I've really got something I'm happy with right now. I still need to get animations in, as well as text blocks, but once that's finished, it's ready to replace my old graphics engine.


If you want more development, see [twitter] or [facebook]. If you want to be a tester, you can subscribe on [olvand.com].


awesome the trailer looks really good

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