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Post news RSS The new 'destroyed brick' handler

A new system that handles the spawn of destoyed bricks, and reducing the risk of the main character to get stuck.

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Yesterday I realized that despite Cuatemock has the ability to teleport himself to a 'safe' spot in case he gets stuck (by pressing W, 1 of the star collected is dropped, or 1 energy bar is lost in case Cuatemock do not have any star collected when he teleports) there was still the risk to get stuck.

So I did some adjustments, now the bricks can't be placed on top of the 'edit' brick, and in case one of the brick gets destroyed, is accumulated into a variable, and spawned with the mouse, if Cuatemock is over an 'edit' brick.

Very soon I ll post a better quality gameplay video, a full walkthrough of the first stage.

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