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The next chapter in the Miyu game will be coming out soon! Get excited for the next exciting chapter!

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Hello guys I have a lot of info regarding the game so sit tight and read on!

First thing first the biggest change in which you will see in the game is the character sprites. I will be drawing out the characters with some changes done to them.

Next the game will take place a couple months after the end of chapter 1. Your choices will carry on in the next game. More will be talked about this in a future news update.

This time around chapter 2 will be around minimum 3 hours long. I am currently aiming for 5 hours long. The game will cost around $2.99 - $4.99. All the profits will go into making the game better by paying for the supplies I use for creating the game. I will also like to get another artist to draw out the background for me.

The game has just started to enter early production. Right now I am currently creating the story and drawing out the characters. The game will take at least 3 months of early production since it's only me working on the game so I have to draw out all the chacracters and that takes time guys. Then after early production is done the real meaty part of creating the game begins and that's the actual creating of it in Novelty. That should take at least 1 month and than I'll have a week of beta testing. After that I will try to release a demo of the game if I can.

I really appreciate all the perfect scores that you guys have given me! It really helps me a lot in pushing this game to the very end! Also all the views and all the downloads wow I was shocked at how many people downloaded and have viewed the game! I never expected so many people to notice the game. My goal was for at least to get 10 downloads. Thank you all very much for all the appreciation!

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