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Two musician classes bring the atmosphere of battle to life.

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In field of arms we have two musician classes available, the drummer and the fifer; they bring up joy and boost the morale of the players as they charge into battle to face the fear of death!

The musicians have a variety of songs they can choose to play, and they can do it in two different modes: main player or secondary player

The main player will start playing the song right away while the secondary player will stand by and only play the song after the main player starts playing first, that way all the musicians in the team can play the songs in sync, only after the main players triggers the song for the rest of them to start playing

We feature original songs created by the amazing talented Anthony Webb Anthonywebbmusic.com.

For people who are into role playing or just want to have a fun time, the musicians are a light hearted way to cheerfully bring some joy into a brutal and violent environment, nevertheless they will also be able to defend themselves using their trusty swords in melee combat.

Now go on and play some music!

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