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Just a quick snippet on why Legends of Strife was started.

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Hi, Legends of Strife has been in production for about half a year behind the scenes, but before I start talking about what's been done already I wanted to share what some of our motives were for starting an mmo rpg.

Firstly; our programmer has explained to me at length how much fun it is to work on a project like this. Because it's something without boundaries that can have infinite potential to grow and develop. Lets say you've filled up one continent, well, make another. Things like that. Oh, lets put a mini-game in where you collect stamps from all the different regions... well that will probably be boring but it could happen.

One of the other aspects we want to define in our world is interaction with other people. We feel that too many instances kills the reasons for it to be an mmo in the first place. Other elements, like people killing other people who are harmlessly trying to quest, that would normally be discouraged will also be part of the world. Thus, hopefully creating a world filled with conflict and strife. No longer can you ignore that guy approaching, or stand by as someone steals that chest you were eyeing, kill him and take it for yourself. We do plan on adding areas where the pvp part of strife will be less but the focus will be on fighting each other. The main way we wish to inspire the players to kill each other is by reputation rewards from important factions. There will also be pvp driven quest that will send the players deep into enemy territory.

We decided to make Legends of Strife cell shaded because, well, we like the look of it. However, we decided to use older characters to match the deeper storylines that will be told throughout the world.

Hmm, that seems to be our ideas in a nutshell. Of course, besides the pvp, questing is very important to us and we are planning on some epic quest chains. For us questing and world pvp goes hand in hand. But more on that later.

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