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The Miners has been released on Steam. Come and see how it looks! :)

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Hello! :D

I have a great news to share with you. The Miners has been approved on Greenlight and now is available on Steam store! I worked for that for more that 4 years...

For those who does not know / follow my project I will take this opportunity to say few words about it.

The Miners is a game where player leads team of 5 miners, who mines deeper and deeper for precious gems and other treasures. Player need to keep an eye on all miners so nothing bad happen to them. They can fall into very deep tunel or into the water, go into fight with other miner or even be attacked by some hostile creatures who lives in caves under the surface. But what is the most important for every miner, they can... find something interesting... something shiny... something precious... something... like rubies, emeralds, diamonds, gold, silver and more! It would be a pity not to pick it up...

Main game features:

  • campaign and “free play” modes
  • 4 unique races with their own characteristics
  • 5 mine graphic sets
  • 21 precious gems to dig and to sell in the bank
  • 6 advanced tools to buy in the shop
  • 72 achievements to get (also supports Steam achievements)
  • 3 ways to control miners- hand-drawn pictures
  • map and campaign editor included
  • half-open game construction
  • Steam cloud support

Below is a link to Steam store where you can try it, and buy :) (BTW demo version can be also downloaded on IndieDB here)

And few new screenshots to have a quick view how the game looks like:

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