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I'm adding new creature graphics to the game, still inspired by the awfulness of patent art.

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Today I added a bunch of new creature graphics. Efficiency will limit me to a maximum of 36 different creatures, so at twelve I'm a third of the way there. And there's still plenty of horrifying patent art to take inspiration from.

Here's the new members of our menagerie, complete with, er, "descriptions":

This duck is evidently a kind of fishing rod:

The menagerie expands

The use of the words "solvent extraction" belies the friendly appearance of this robot:

The menagerie expands

"Nonaqueous flushing fluid"?

The menagerie expands

This, on the other hand, makes perfect sense:

The menagerie expands

I think this is the offspring of an unholy union between an USB stick at the robot from Metropolis:

The menagerie expands

This bear is not actually empty. You just don't want to know what's inside.

The menagerie expands

That's all for now! And remember:
Hover-Elephant Hover-Elephant has been taking notes on your behavior.

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