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Here are the big events happend in the K&K Universe

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Act I : The Start of Hope

B.D. 4000 -- The lords created mankind, and human activities appeared in the north land (Bataria Land)

B.D. 3285 -- Some of them crossed the frozen Lydols Sea and came to the south land (Skware Land)

B.D. 2980 -- The earlist tribal appeared.

B.D. 1025 -- The Tribal alliance had been established in north land

D.D. 12 -- The first Crusaders appeared in the Lydols Sea

D.D. 45 -- Crusaders create the first settlement in the coast called "Vasiland" (means "Hideout" in Batarian)

D.D. 102 -- Crusaders deated the Batarian Tribal Alliance during the "Battle of Vasiland" and captured the leader of the tribal alliance, crusaders executed him after that.

D.D. 105 -- Crusaders started to conquer the Bataria Land

D.D. 120 -- Crusaders built the "Meson's Order" and ruled Bataria Land for over 200 years

D.D. 128 -- Skwarians in the south land bulit the "Skware City-state republic"

D.D. 220 -- Meson's Order established diplomatic relation with the Skware City-state republic

D.D. 221 -- Some poor people built the earliest Pirate organization lead by Wolkes.

D.D. 230 -- Wolkes died during the assult lead by Meson's Order Authorization.

D.D. 234 -- The Pirates founded and occupies a big island in the Lydols Sea and named "Wolkes Island".

D.D. 254 -- A young boy named "Frekeris" united all pirates and built "Lydols Pirates Alliance"

D.D. 262 -- Secret organization "Combat Batarian" built by some students and fight against the Meson's Order Authorzation

D.D. 265 -- The "Combat Batarian" started a riot against the Meson's Order but failed and the leader of the "Combat Batarian" escaped to the Skware City-state Republic

D.D. 350 -- The general of Skware named "Kulaneris" took the power of the City-state Republic, he announced and built the "Skware Empire".

D.D. 354 -- Skware Empire supported the "Combat Batarian" Organization to fight against the Meson's Order

D.D. 363 -- Skware Empire declered war with Meson's Order under help of Lydols Sea alliance, and Meson's Order suffered heavy loss in Sea battle.

D.D. 381 -- Army of "Combat Batarian" deated the Meson's Order in middle of Bataria Land, Kingdom of Bataria built at the same year

D.D. 412 -- The first King of Bataria granted the name "Baskenor's Order" (which means "Protector of Bataria") to "Combat Batarian"

D.D. 415 - D.D. 543 -- Meson's Order has been in war with Baskenor's Order and Kingdom of Bataria for more than 100 years, the old people call this war as "The Big War"

Act II : The Hard of Time

D.D. 596 -- Meson's Order was deated by the alliance between Baskenor's Order and Kingdom of Bataria, they make peace at the same year and end the war.

D.D. 610 -- A powerful black magician revolted in the southeastern land of Skware Empire, he lead his magic army destroyed the Skware Army and built country called "Portia Territory"

D.D. 628 -- Meson's Order made peace with Lydols Sea Alliance and convinced Lydols Pirates to fight against Skware Empire

D.D. 650 -- Meson's order landed in the north of Skware Empire, deated Skware Army, and bulit a pupet state called "Kingdom of Franres"

D.D. 689 -- Lizardman invaded the Skware Empire, and built "Kingdom of Verania"

D.D. 720 -- The Emperor Kulaneris was home arrested by his wife Empress Helna, she became the actual ruler of the Empire

D.D. 756 -- The Skware Empire destroyed all opposite forces in south land under leadership of Helna

D.D. 762 -- The Emperor Kulaneris was dead, some rumors said that he was killed by Helna, but no any evidence.

D.D. 768 -- Helna was assassinated by the nobles because the nobles are not agreed with she took the noble's lands and give them to the peasants.

D.D. 782 -- Skware Empire collapsed after Helna's death

D.D. 812 -- Menson's Order lead the troopers again landed in the north of Skware Empire

D.D. 833 -- Army of Meson's Order occupied the whole north terrorities of Skware Empire

D.D. 856 -- Some nobles who failed during the power struggle betrayed the Skware Empire, and turned to Meson's Order

D.D. 868 -- The Army of Meson's Order capture Kulanis of Skware Empire which is the gate of the capital.

D.D. 879 -- Meson's Order sstarted to siege the capital of Skware Empire.

D.D. 881 -- Meson's Order destroyed Skware Army totally, and captured the capital of Skware empire, and built "Skware Administration Area of The Order" which called "Skware Meson's Dynasty" normally by the people which ruled Skware for over 400 years

D.D. 1290 -- The nobles of Skware re-take the capital of Old Skware Empire, and built "Kingdom of Skware".

D.D. 1586 -- The people lead by Master Moran started the revolution and built the "Skware Republic"

D.D. 1603 -- The Republican Army occupied the capital of Kingdom of Skware, The Kingdom of Skware was destroyed.

D.D. 1684 -- Velonisen Empire has rised

D.D. 1752 -- The Army of Velonisen Empire occupied the western part of Skware Republic

D.D. 1684 - D.D. 1864 -- Republican Army fight against Velonisen Empire for many years

D.D. 1890 -- Velonisen Empire retreated its forces after it was deated during the battle

D.D. 1902 -- The Golden Age began

Act III : The End of All

D.D. 2025 -- The lords decided to destroy mankind totally during the Lords' Meeting, because human kind became greedy, killing each other, and disrespect the lords.

D.D. 2034 -- The Shadow legion appeared in the south of Skware Republic

D.D. 2035 -- The lords removed curse of Moldvian Forest, the monsters of the forest became the powerful soldiers given by the Lords, the paladin of the lords -- Mellian became the Queen in the Forest and lead them to invade the Bataria.

D.D. 2049 -- There are small conflict happened between Shadow Legion and the Skware Republic. but this event was ignored after Shadow Legion paid a lot money to the garrison leader.

D.D. 2050 -- The Moldvian Army started the invasion from the north, The Shadow Legion started invasion from the south

D.D. 2066 -- Meson's Order establish the alliance (named "Bataria Alliance") with the Kingdom of Bataria to fight against the Moldvian Army

D.D. 2078 -- The Batarian Alliance Army reported victory against the Moldvian Army.

D.D. 2083 -- The Shadow Legion built a portal which can transport more troopers.

D.D. 2097 -- The Shadow Legion occupied the Southern Important Town - Kesto, Republican Army suffered heavy loss.

D.D. 2113 -- Some old nobles started rebellion to fight against Republic, but soon failed.

D.D. 2156 -- Republican Army was deated by The Shadown Legion totally during the battle, and The Shadow Legion captured the capital of Skware.

D.D. 2270 -- The Alliance between Meson's Order and Kingdom of Bataria has broken, so that Moldvian Army can destroy Batarian Army.

D.D. 2289 -- Grand Master of Meson's Order killed in action during the battle with Moldvian Army.

D.D. 2309 -- Moldvian Army occupied the last city of Meson's Order - Vasiland

D.D. 2475 -- The rest people retreated to Wolkes Island

D.D. 2486 -- The Shadow Legion started some small assult to attack the Wolkes Island, but defeated by the people with help of some magicians.

D.D. 2537 -- A huge tsunami strike the world, and all the lands including people in the Wolkes Island sank to the bottom of the sea. Leaves nothing but sea.

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