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The Medical Update features a completely reworked damage and injury system. Players can now sustain a variety of injuries with punishing effects.

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Medical Update Official Launch

The biggest update since the World Builder and Modding is coming to Broke Protocol today. The new Medical Update v1.05 features the start of a completely reworked damage and injury system. Characters are not simple health pools anymore. Players can now sustain a variety of injuries with punishing effects. Risk management and medical role-playing are brought to focus in v1.05.

New Injury Modeling


Gunshots, falls, auto collisions, and even drugs can cause debilitating injuries to your character. Many injuries are slow to heal, or in the case of fractures, won’t remedy at all without proper medical treatment. Bloodloss needs bandages or blood bags, fractures need a splint, and pain medication or drugs can heal other injuries. Medical items have a vital importance in the game meta now.

Detailed Damage Effects


It’s not only important to consider the types of injuries but where exactly they occur now. Players can be crippled depending on the specific body part that’s been hurt. A head injury obscures vision and hearing. Chest injuries will cause energy loss that might leave players unable to sprint. Abdominal hits cause dehydration and hunger. Arm injuries cause difficulties in aiming and leg injuries limit mobility. Proper triage is now vital to survive in v1.05.

New Medical Update Items


With all of the health related changes, the Paramedic job is about to get a bit more intense. New medical items are available at the hospital and Paramedic rank up loot has been tweaked to accommodate the latest additions. Remember to hover over the inventory tool tips to see what each item will cure. Note that paramedics are the only job class that can inspect everyone’s health status in order to provide suitable triage and treatment.

Food and Consumables Reworked


All other consumable items have been tweaked and balanced as well. Now every medical item, food, drink, bandage, etc can either be consumed yourself or equipped and used on others. Again, inventory tool tips are your friend to find out what are the best meals to boost your stats. And don’t underestimate the ability of booze as a low-cost painkiller.

Other Improvements and Additions


Other major changes include the ability to block against melee while holding nearly any item, health regen if stats are > 75%, drug effect stacking and the removal of addiction. Big networking fixes and optimizations made it into 1.05 for a smoother experience. And finally, and big thanks to all the medical workers around the world combating the current epidemic. Keep kickin’ ass.

Android version of the game should update (roughly) around the same time as PC today.

Here’s the full v1.05 changelog:

v1.05 Medical Update

  • Added locational damage (limb injuries do less damage)
  • Added Health Menu to view all injuries and status
  • Paramedics can view other players’ injuries
  • Added HUD visual for locational damage
  • Added different effects for different injuries
  • -Head: Vision/hearing loss
  • -Chest: Energy loss
  • -Abdomen: Hunger/dehydration
  • -Arms: Weapon sway/inaccuracy
  • -Legs: Loss of mobility
  • Drug effects now stack
  • Added new Splint item to heal fractures
  • New usable medical items: HealthPack and Bloodbag
  • Changed hospital merchant items and values
  • Changed Paramedic rank up items
  • Item tooltips show cure abilities
  • Tooptips show heal stats by color
  • Player regen health if stats >75%
  • Limited mobility if no energy
  • Added cooldown limit for healing
  • Added different sounds for minor heal/damage effects
  • Crime Witnesses are fully saved on Disconnect
  • Fixed syncing health with others on healing
  • Removed Addiction stat for now
  • Fewer heap allocations for memory savings
  • Fixed network packet handling
  • All foods/drinks/medical items can be consumed or used on others
  • AI have the same stats depletion as Players now
  • AI will randomly consume items to replenish stats
  • Can directly consume world items without collecting first
  • Minor food/drink mesh fixes
  • Boosted drug and alcohol stats
  • Public access to Plugins list in API
  • Faster permission lookups
  • Separate StopCounter packet for modding
  • Mobile: left/right stick will now turn aircraft
  • Shader setting now affects clouds/sea
  • Shader optimizations
  • Changed player name/HP color grading
  • Fixed delivery job target selection
  • Added Restrain/Handcuff event to GameSource
  • Added /godmode command to prevent damage and cuffing
  • Added some more announcements
  • Added game message showing player who started the vote
  • Serverbrowser pinging cleanup
  • Workshop image preview error handling and cleanup
  • Correctly refund all apartment storage and furniture values on map change
  • Fixed World Builder transforms being reset to 0
  • Fixed frozen player rotations on chairs and mounted guns
  • Fixed mounted weapon hit registration and tunneling through walls
  • Can now block with any item that doesn’t occupy both hands
  • Changed some packet types for optimization and reliable transfer
  • Fixed crouch desync on server
  • Fixed missing water shader in Builder on Min setting
  • Fixed resetting vehicle brakes/steering on exit
  • Update Engine to 2019.3.7
  • Update to latest SteamWorks library
  • Update to latest networking library

See you!


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