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The final, entirely complete tech-tree for the Black Numenorean faction.

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Finally, I've finished the tech-tree for the Black Numenoreans, and, if I do say so myself, it's quite adventurous:

Fortress -

- Builder

- Heroes

-- Ar-Pharazôn

--- King's Pride (Leadership)

--- Compulsion (Coerce)

--- Gravesend (Summons three Wretches)

-- Sauron the Deciever

--- Greatest Fear (Fear)

--- Deciever (Causes enemies in an area to attack each other)

--- Rain in Hell (Hails down limbs onto enemies, causing heavy poison damage)

--- Lord of Darkness (Transform into a Vampire)

-- Ëarmól (Captain of Numenor)

-- Cánohatal (Captain of the Numenorean Lancers)

- Upgrades

-- Adamantine Arrows (Extra-damaging arrows)

-- Hellish Mists (Gases surround and poison enemy units)

-- Black Banners (Provides experience/attack/armour bonus for surrounding friendlies)

-- Numenor Stonework (Increases fortress and wall armour)

--- Darkest Hour (When activated, causes earthquakes around fortress to destroy attackers)

- Expansions

-- Arrow Tower

-- Sacrilegious Pyre (dead bodies piled up, causing Fear in enemies)

-- Wall Hub

Barracks -- Units

-- Black Numenorean Warriors (Bow + sword)

--- Toggle Weapon (Sword is primary, bow secondary)

--- Shield Wall (forms block of heavily increased armour, but no attack)

--- Upgrades

---- Dark Steel (Forged blades)

---- Banners

---- Adamantine Arrows (Fire Arrows)

---- Heavy Armour

-- Dark Rangers

--- Mount/Unmount

--- Sharpshooters (Bombard anywhere on the map)

--- Upgrades

---- Adamantine Arrows (Fire Arrows)

---- Heavy Armour

---- Banners

-- Spire Guards

--- Porcupine

--- Upgrades

---- Dark Steel (Forged blades)

---- Banners

---- Heavy Armour

- Upgrades

-- Banners

-- Arrow Tower (Level 3)

Temple of the Fallen -- Units

- Morgûl Witches (Group of three mounted Black Lieutenants)

-- Blind Faith (Unaffected by Fear)

-- Burn the Heretics (sets fire to enemies in a large area)

-- Darkness (turns map into night, cancelling all enemy bonuses)

-- Soul Eater (kills friendly units to replenish Witches health)

- Wretch (wanders around with a constant area of Fear, so it's only killed by ranged fire)

- Núlëndil

-- Dark Resurrection (Heal)

-- Dead Memories (Units in an area gain an increase to experience)

-- Born Killers (summons four Werewolves)

Watchtower -- Upgrades

-- Adamantine Arrows (Fire Arrows)

Pit -- Units

-- Daemon (Shapeshifter)

--- Shift to Wolf

--- Shift to Vampire

--- Shift to Targeted (Enemy) Unit

--- Shift back to Daemon

-- Fairënuru

--- Assassinate (kill any humanoid unit)

--- Dead Silence (stand entirely stealthed)

-- Hulk

--- Rage (temporary 200% increase to Damage, Speed and Health)

--- Depart (self-destruction)

--- Use Tree (as Weapon)

Forge- Upgrades

-- Dark Steel (Forged blades)

-- Banners

-- Adamantine Arrows (Fire Arrows)

-- Heavy Armour

Dark Altar

- Paranoia (Causes nearby enemies to fight amongst themselves)

- Shockwaves (area effecting constant minor 'Earthquakes')

- The Nameless (various enemies are rooted to the spot and disabled)


First Row
Tainted Land - (Vanilla)
The Heretic Anthem - Temporary 150% boost to Armour and Attack
Withering Winds - Temporarily slows enemies in an area

Second Row

Dead Masque - Summons three higher-powered Wretches
Untamed Allegiance - (Vanilla)
Screams - Causes uncontrollable fear in enemies over a large area
Dark Skies - Summons a pair of Vampires

Third Row

March of Steel and Flesh - Summons a very large force of Black Numenoreans and three Hulks
Dark of Day - Turns to night, all units gain 50% attack
In Hell - Severed rotting limbs of the Faithful rain to earth, poisoning the enemy

Fourth Row
Demise - A barrage of Fire smites the earth
The Rift - A reduced part of Morgoth stretches through the Void for a short time


wow! love the units from the pit
and how about if sauron the deciever also got the form of annatar and so the enemy wont be able to attack him because of that!

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IreneHawnetyne Author

It's a nice idea, but I don't think it's appropriate for war. I mean, he's standing there as everyone rushes towards him, then suddenly he becomes a nice guy (Annatar) so nobody's at all suspicious of him?

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it could be used to escape when he's hurt or control an enemy battalion of a good faction for some time!!!!!

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or corrupt them behind their backs like discord and the battalions attack each other

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so Sauron will be playable in any other form?(he was still able to change form till destruction of Numenor if I remember correctly)you've got many nice ideas here, but i'm concerned about those Vampires and Werewolves. Any reasons why suddenly such creatures appear in Middle-earth?

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awesome keep up the good work a hope fully a download

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