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This game is the same as the other and yet more different that you can imagine...

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About my game: "M40 X pro A.C.E game 2"

This game is about a military expidition that "happens" to run into the Kohlar.
The Kohlar were the bad guys from the first game as they set out to Earth, coming to destroy it. Here we have defeated the Kohlar at Earth and everyone is living peacefully again. Untill captain Phil, the caracter that you play, gets a phonecall and has to join a secret expidition to an unknown location in space. At this very place the expidition finds a huge Kohlar fleet with massive "rimfrost" baseships and loads of "stingray" fighters. Luckily you brought your own armada and there is a spacebattle like no other.
It is up to you, will the humans win or will they fail allowing the Kohlar to proceed on their quest for destruction?

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