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We decided that poor little Jimmy, who is struggling to escape Sleepyland, deserves a story.

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Jimmy the little boy, finds himself trapped in a nightmare. Being alone in the long and dark space called Sleepyland, little Jimmy has to face its vicious denizens, from hordes of zombified monsters behind invisible walls, to wandering monstrous individuals, as well as a gigantic cube monster that carries the twisted faces of Ymmij, Jimmy’s bully neighbor. The environments are treacherous too, as barriers falling from the sky and fast spinning crosses lying ahead.Little Jimmy must overcome ALL of these in order to get out of here.

While Jimmy has a gun to defend himself, he must be careful with it because this powerful gun generates a strong recoil that threatens to push him into the hungry monsters awaiting behind. What makes things worse, it turns out that Jimmy is not the only one in Sleepyland who knows how to fire a gun: mysterious flares shot from the darkest corners imply far more menacing presences, and Jimmy absolutely DON’T want to get shot by them.

Will Jimmy be able to survive his odyssey and wake up from his nightmare, or will he be lost in it? Help save little Jimmy and guide him out of the mess, hurry up!

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