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Post news RSS The Leng Plateau is done !

I finished the Leng Plateau and I am gonna work on the next map ! Read to know more about the progress I am making.

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As the title says, I am done with leng ! I am quite happy with this area, even though it is a bit too small in my opinion. It'll be worth the playtime though, as we don't see that kind of area very often in Amnesia.

I managed to create a good audio atmosphere using files from the original Amnesia game, which surprised me. I kinda rearranged all the Sound Areas so it sounds like a real flood of sound near the waterfall. You'll see more in game of couse !

So, now it's time for me to work on the next area. I believe it will be R'lyeh. It will be WAY larger than the Leng Plateau, since this time it'll be completely free-roam.

I'm on it, feel free to give any idea or feedback you have !

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