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Post news RSS The last content update: Altered parts, Final Ascension, item sorting, and more!

The final Sector Six content update adds level 90+ parts, Final Ascension activity, introduction to Sector Six's sequel, and more!

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Here it is, the last Sector Six content update!

Altered parts:

Level 90+ or altered parts are here!
Altered parts get additional property and their properties scale based on alteration level.
For example, level 90 altered part with alteration level 10 will have properties like level 100 part.
Altered parts start to drop after completing the story.

Final Ascension:

Highest level altered parts require Ascension level, which can be increased by spending XP after reaching level 90.
Also, Ascension level increases the amount of Ascension Reactor's amplifier slots.
Ascension Reactor is added upon reaching Ascension level 1.

Altered instances:

Make Broken Infinity instances as difficult as Absolute Deterioration for an increased chance to get altered parts!

The Signal:

Get all achievements, install an altered part, clear altered instance, and increase Ascension level to unlock an introduction to Sector Six's sequel, Sector Zero.

Item sorting:

The most wanted Sector Six feature is here!
You can now sort items by grade, properties, type and other options - similar to how "Dismantle all"/"Uninstall all"/"Sell all" functions work!

Automatic selling:

Connect to a vendor to set up automatic selling!
While it's enabled, dropped parts of the selected grade range will be turned into units.

Help interface rework:

  • Multiple quality of life, graphical, and control improvements.
  • Help interface button now glows until it's clicked.
  • Updated some data interface entries and added new entries.

Grade name changes:

Replaced grade names - generic, optimized, advanced, fractal, mythical, etalon - with grade numbers - grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, etc.
Original grade names can still be seen in tooltips, elsewhere the game uses grade numbers.
This was done to make grades less confusing.
For example, instead of saying "Mission reward: Optimized part" the game will now say "Mission reward: Grade 2 part".


  • Failing a mission is now a lot faster.
  • Rapid Fire Mode now speeds up all attack abilities.
  • Evolution mechanic improved: Minions now evolve into bigger minions faster.
  • Added level 90 weapon skins.
  • Achievement spoiler: Symbol of Life and Cache achievements can now be achieved in Broken Infinity.
  • Changed XP sound.
  • Made several improvements to language selection systems.
  • Changed item tooltip system: Tooltips will no longer go outside the screen.
  • Ability interface now shows ether cost clarification if Flow Stagnation modifier is enabled.
  • Dismantle all button moved to vendor interface to make space for sort button.
  • New parts are now highlighted and can be interacted with through management: Uninstalled, dismantled, sold, filtered, and sorted.
  • Added flipped versions of a station, deflector, inhibitor, and antenna skins.
  • Item experience boost is now capped at 200%. NA-1, Naonic Archive increases the cap to 300%.
  • Power Shield ability now attempts to cause white wave when activated.
  • Level parts 89 are no longer generated in level 90 missions and vendors.
  • Weapons are now slightly more common.
  • Weapons are even more common in regions 1-4 to help the new players get enough weapon damage.
  • Frailsphere, Pearl of Deterioration no longer halves maximum armor.
  • Legionvault, Fractal Arsenal now also increases double drop chance.
  • It's no longer possible to create level 90+ instance.
  • Improved part tooltips.
  • Increasing difficulty now gives +5% loot quality and +1% double drop chance per difficulty level instead of 10% and 2%.
  • Lodeon's Ultimatum set effect now scales with the number of parts installed: Armor to damage conversion reaches 100% with 80 parts installed.
  • Relics can now be sold for units!
  • For technical reasons, it's no longer possible to use anodes on Upgrade Sockets, Amplifier Well relic.


  • Fixed: Instance loot quality does not work.
  • Fixed: Elimination mission objective reminder mentions escorting the carrier.
  • Fixed: Vendor items in Broken Infinity are affected by instance loot quality.
  • Fixed: Scrambler Belt Escalation achievement description spelling mistake.
  • Fixed: Locked parts cannot be uninstalled via the uninstall button.
  • Fixed: Crippled Vault relic is preventing level ups from increasing the part limit.
  • Fixed: Area tooltip + The Decision modifier problem.
  • Fixed: Level 75 level up screen does not show that part and weapon limit has increased.
  • Fixed: Story spoiler: Infinity is called Broken Infinity before it's broken during mission 13.
  • Fixed: Mission 12 cannot be completed.
  • Fixed: Minor alloy container issues.
  • Fixed: Mistake in Fear Bringer Ourend's minion spawning code makes enemies jump forward after been spawned causing all sorts of problems.
  • Fixed: Sections are generated with weapon skins.
  • Fixed: Non-rotating skins + rotated parts + skin applying problem.
  • Fixed: Re-stock button tooltip is visible outside vendor interface.
  • Fixed: Controller cursor doesn't stick to the spaceship building grid in vendor interface.
  • Fixed: Wrong level 80 node skin.
  • Fixed: Map arrow button controlled hint.
  • Fixed: Restoration War may select an already secured region to be contested.
  • Fixed: Minor resurrection mission glitch.
  • Fixed: Sell all result notification shows the wrong unit amount.
  • Fixed: Minor selling particle effect glitch.
  • Fixed: Guillotine + seeking projectiles problem.
  • Fixed: Pearl of Deterioration effect triggers Sacrifice achievement.
  • Fixed: Contribution and vendor statuses are not updated when new missions or instances are generated.

Old saves:

Old saves will be updated to fix saves affected by mission 12, Restoration War, and Crippled Vault glitches.

Text changes:

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What's next?

Nothing much besides localization updates (Coming soon: Brazilian Portuguese!) and glitch fixes - if they will be needed.

Final words:

It took me 4 years to get Sector Six to this point and well... I did it!
I made a game, I made some money, I've become a real game developer, saw players having fun, got positive reviews, the future is promising, all is great!

Thanks to all who supported me during these years =]

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